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Wine Time With Robert Mondavi Private Selection

Anyone who knows me knows that I love wine. I tend to have at least two glasses most nights (and obviously weekends call for an extra glass or two because weekends, duh). My wine fridge is always stocked up with a selection and I’ve got more wine glasses than a Crate & Barrel. So naturally when I stumble upon a genuinely unique bottle of wine I’m like a giddy little kid and more than happy to give it a swirl (wine pun intended). This particular bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon is a special one and I can’t wait to have another glass.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-1

Each bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Selection starts with quality grapes picked at the peak of ripeness and blended and aged to perfection in true Robert Mondavi style. Then the magic happens. They take a portion of the wine and let it age in 100% American oak Bourbon barrels, some new and some used, so it picks up this great smoky taste that mixes with the fruitiness of the Cabernet.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-3

Fun fact: Bourbon barrels are charred to give Bourbon its smoky flavor. So I’m sure you can imagine the cool flavor it adds to a wine known for its notes of cherry and blackberry. It really is such a good combination—one that you’ve got to try to understand. And don’t worry if you’re not a Bourbon fan, this is a Cabernet through and through, it’s got a more complex flavor but retains super smooth taste.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-7 They recommend pairing this Cabernet with grilled ribs or a charcuterie plate which just speaks to its versatility and I take to mean I can drink all day everyday. But you’ve got to act quickly as they only made a small amount. Get your hands on a bottle.  Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-10 Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-12

For this post I was provided Robert Mondavi Private Selection; however, all views and opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor. To become a sponsor or get a review written for you, please feel free to reach out

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