A Little Bit Of Neon Never Hurt Anybody

Athletic and sports-inspired clothing has completely infiltrated the world of fashion. Whether it’s a pair of vintage-inspired sneakers or a pair of jersey joggers, there are countless ways to get in on the trend. The thing I love about the trend of mixing athletic-wear into your wardrobe is that it offers the opportunity to get creative. Let’s be real, the trendsetters you see walking down the street rocking a bright pair of sneakers or rocking a jersey is not in fact headed for a game of three on three. But that’s what is so great about the trend, you can mix these “sports” pieces with other pieces and create your very own brand of personal streetstyle.

I took a piece that I am always seen wearing, a chambray shirt, and paired it with a pair of black joggers and my brighter-than-the-sun New Balance sneakers. The piece of my look that perfectly encapsulates this mix between style and athletic function are my Neon Bandits socks. At their core they are an athletic sock but with a stylish twist. The result? An “action lifestyle sock” that won’t slide down your calf but has some definite style star power. They have a padded foot bed and, my favorite feature, they fit your foot tight and never slipped once while wearing them. I like my socks to fit my feet and hate when I have to continually pull them up to avoid bunching. You will not have a problem with that with these guys. I can’t wait to wear these again, I’m thinking with shorts and some Jack Purcells… Thoughts?

Neon Bandits Chambray 6Neon Bandits Chambray 3Neon Bandits Chambray 7 Neon Bandits Chambray 4Neon Bandits Chambray 8 Neon Bandits Chambray 5Neon Bandits Chambray 2SHOP THE LOOK

Socks: c/o Neon Bandits // Shoes: New Balance // Pants: Express // Shirt: Forever21 (similar) // Sunglasses: Spitfire

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