The Only Undershirt You Will Ever Need

I am nothing if not a man of routine. I have specific ways of doing thing and the order they should be done in and (as my wife would gladly tell you) if things fall out of line I will literally fall apart. There have been a few days that I have forgotten to put on a watch before leaving the house and those are days that I know I will never get back. Understanding the importance of routine is very important to what I am about to talk about. Part of my daily routine when getting dressed for work is layering an undershirt under my button ups (like most men). The first day I tested out my new UnderFit undershirts I was struck on three different occasions with the sudden sensation that I was not wearing an undershirt. Each time I was in utter panic. In this panic I questioned my sanity for forgetting such a simple, essential part of getting dressed. And then it took me about half a minute to remember that I was in fact wearing an undershirt and that I have not lost my mind; I’m just wearing an insanely soft, lightweight undershirt. And while panic-inducing, its softness and barely there weight make it an amazing layer that you should be wearing everyday. My wife picked it up and immediately wanted to steal it to sleep in. That’s how soft it is.

I wore under a recent look (photo below), not that you’d know because it stayed right where it was supposed to, underneath my shirt. It’s longer than your run-of-the-mill undershirt so it stays tucked in, and, in the case of the v-neck, the v is long enough to remain hidden even if you unbutton a button or two on your shirt. I’m telling you, you have got to check out this undershirt. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $25 and that you save when you buy in bulk? Just go check it out. You can thank me later (in the comments below, haha).

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