Comfort Is, And Always Will Be, King

A few weeks ago I asked anyone and everyone to give their input on which pair of white sneakers I should I add to my collection. Now I feel bad because I ended up with a pair that my wife recommended and not one from my list of options but I think you can understand why I went with these classic Nikes. They are awesome! The classic gum rubber soles and the classic navy swish combined with the fact that they are a beyond-comfortable way for your feet to spend a day make them the perfect pair of white sneakers. Don’t think this doesn’t mean that I won’t be picking up a pair from my previous wishlist…

Indigo Print T Shirt 1Indigo Print T Shirt 3Speaking of comfort, these CPO drawstring pants are one of the most affordable of my recent investments (now they are only $15–link below). I love their comfy drawstring waistband, their lightweight chino feel and the amount of detail that went into their construction. They have stitching detail along the crotch, around the knee and have pieces of elastic at the pockets so that I can squeeze my beastΒ of a phone into my tight pants. I loved them so much that I went back and picked up a pair in blue chambray. So now I can be comfortable all spring long! And if my middle name isn’t comfort I don’t know what it is! Actually it’s Taylor but that’s besides the point… comfort is key gentlemen! Indigo Print T Shirt 4 Indigo Print T Shirt 5Indigo Print T Shirt 2 Indigo Print T Shirt 6


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