Doing Casual Cool The Right Way

For me, style has to be effortless (or nearly effortless). I never want to look like I put too much time, energy, worry, etc. into what I’m wearing. I always want to look cool and casual but still stylish and pulled together. In order to keep my sanity when it comes to style I have a few go-to rules that I remind myself of. One of them is that denim and chambray always look casual and cool. How can you know that I follow this rule? Well for one, you can skim through the personal style section of Brick&Vine and just see how much denim and chambray I wear (trust me, it’s intense). Or, you could take a look at my closet (the other option is probably easier since I don’t do tours of my closet… that often). I recently sorted all of my shirts by color and style and the chambray/denim/work shirt section is out of control. This one I’m wearing here was part of the FEED x Target collaboration a year or so back and it’s so incredibly soft and comfortable, plus I’ve worn it in perfectly so that always helps.

Chambray and Suede Bomber 1

I paired the shirt with my favorite pair of Levi’s that are a few shades darker to offset each other. I’m always a fan of wearing chambray and denim together but if you’re nervous just try to keep one darker than the other. That way you won’t feel one note. I threw on one of my favorite jackets, this suede bomber because it’s the perfect layer for this time of year. For those of you that are thinking you can’t wear suede jackets year round, well you win! Because I realized taking these photos that I have some weird sticky stain on the left sleeve–probably a spilled gin and tonic from the last time I wore it. So if I can’t get the stain out, it might be retired, but if I can, then it’s back to year round wear for me! Anyone know a good way of cleaning suede that doesn’t cost a fortune? Regardless, bombers have continued to mark their territory as the must-have layer. You can get your hands on this one from Obey except now it comes in navy which is awesome.

Chambray and Suede Bomber 2 Chambray and Suede Bomber 3 Chambray and Suede Bomber 4 Chambray and Suede Bomber 5 Chambray and Suede Bomber 6 Chambray and Suede Bomber 7



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