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I am so happy this week is over… no reason really but I haven’t had much time this week to get style posts together (sorry). But don’t worry, the work week is over so I’ll be putting some awesome spring looks together and scouting some new backdrops so next week should be good. It’s been a bit gloomy here in So Cal this week and I think it’s still cool in the rest of the country so curl up with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and check out some of my favorite stories from the week. Enjoy web browsing and have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

I’m nearing the end of my twenties (I still have a couple of years left) and with that comes the natural fear that comes with getting older. Articles like this calm me down. Being a grown up can be a good thing (or at least I keep telling myself that).

I’ve always wondered why some wine bottles are squat and square while others are thin and elegant. Then Details told me why and I have to say the answer, while interesting, was quite underwhelming. Still worth a quick read though.

Who doesn’t love stairs, right? Well, probably people who live in high rises that don’t have elevators and then they have to make 7 trips to bring all their groceries in… oh gosh stairs are the worst. I am so sorry for anyone who has to deal with stairs like that. Maybe it would be easier if you had to deal with stairs like this?

#ICYMI: I’ve been struggling with a very important life decision, which is what pair of white sneakers to invest approx. $90 in. Okay so not a huge life decision but important nonetheless. Want to give your opinion? Comment here or here.

I have like 30 pairs of shoes that I need to clean/polish and this article on GQ and this video created by Ties.com are the simplest tutorials I have found. I will definitely be using these when I decide to stop being lazy and clean my shoes already. Speaking of which, does anyone have a favorite wax/polish or tools? Let me know in the comments (if you have links to the products that would make it so much easier for me to just buy them 😉 ).

I grew up going to Souplantation and I don’t get there that often anymore. These Souplantation hacks might just get back there. OMG, yes!

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