How To Make Refreshing Iced Coffee That’s Perfect For Spring

I love iced coffee and the availability of awesome cold brew coffeesΒ has changed my life. You can even pick some up at Trader Joe’s and Target now. I’ve had the itch to try brewing my own using this great tutorial from Man Made DIY, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. The warmer weather and my love of coffee has got me experimenting a bit lately, and I have to share this super easy, refreshing take on a straightforward iced coffee.

This rendition only requires the below ingredients:

  • A few mint leaves (4-5, or more if you desire more of a minty flavor)
  • Pure vanilla extract (you could also make a delicious vanilla bean simple syrup too, but why go through all that work?)
  • Your favorite cold brew coffee concentrate
  • Water
  • Ice

Now watch how easy this is. Add your mint leaves to your glass. Muddle as you would with a mojito or if you want to avoid sipping mint particles up, just twist the leaves a bit to release some of the flavor. Add your vanilla extract or simply syrup. Add your ice, your cold brew concentrate, and your water. Adjust your water to coffee to water ratio based upon your personal taste. And that’s it. Now I love black iced coffee but if you want to add a creamer, go for it. Just don’t add almond milks or other nut milks because it separates and looks a little unappetizing. Tastes fine, but the look of curdled milk isn’t all that appealing to me personally.

And there you have it. The perfect recipe for a refreshing, caffeinated afternoon beverage. Got your favorite coffee trick? Love a local cold brew? Leave your comments below.

Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee 3 Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee 4Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee

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