Weekend Web Browsing /08

Welcome to the first Weekend Web Browsing of April! I found so many great stories this week so read on…

  • The space station caught (not like it’d be hard) footage of the Typhoon Maysak and it is incredible. Makes me feel small…
  • Every week there is a new article that comes out about which superfoods you should be eating. I think if you compile a full list from all the articles we need to eat 337 superfoods everyday so essentially we are all failing at health. But, the wonderful people at Real Simple have broken it down and this week came out with a list of just green superfoods so maybe we can break it down into each day eating just a color? I don’t know. Nonetheless, this article is worth checking out because it’s the first time I’ve seen Nopales on a superfood list. Nopales are part of a cactus and you know succulents are so big right now. So Nopales are probably life-saving.
  • A short film featuring R2-D2 from Star Wars was released and my Star Wars loving heart can’t bear it. Will he ever find love?
  • Amazon announced the release of their all new Dash button, a small button you can place around your home near products so that as you use them you simply push the button to automatically reorder more. This begs so many questions, but luckily Details asked them for us.
  • I want to be fit. But I’m busy (aka lazy). The struggle is real people. But I’ve been collecting workout tips and routines from around the interwebs lately. I’ve been keeping track of them all on Pinterest but here are a few of my favorite gym-free workouts this week. Here’s one. Here’s another. Both courtesy of our friends at Valet.
  • Last weekend my wife and I threw on of our nephews his first birthday party. I don’t want to spoil it but it involves succulents, baby pools, dinosaurs, and cupcakes so it’s pretty amazing. Check it out!
  • Not sure if you’ve checked out my Shop, but it’s a collection of all of my favorite things. I either own or am in the processing of selling my soul to own soon each and every item. I’m currently a little obsessed with accessories so check these out.

Also, two more things somewhat unrelated:

  1. I’ve updated my ABOUT section to give you a little bit more background on who I am and why I do what I do so check it out.
  2. In line with updating my ABOUT section, I’m looking to connect with more of you. Follow me on Instagram so I can get to know you better. Also, if you’re a brand, store, photographer, overall just cool person, give me a shout out. I’d love to meet up and get to know more locals in the OC area.

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