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Happy first day of spring everyone! I know most of the country is still pretty chilly and I think the east coast is even being hit with more snow? I don’t know but if you’re snowed in this weekend or just looking for something to occupy your time for a bit this weekend check out my favorite web stories of the week. Have a great weekend everyone!

I’ve always hated breakfast (unless we’re talking chicken fried steak, eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.). But breakfast during the week is just a hassle. Now there is reason to believe that maybe breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.

Planning on switching jobs in 2015? You might want to check out the new questions companies are asking potential job candidates.

Esquire compiled a nice list of style hacks. Removing red wine stains with white wine? Well that’s bound to come in handy.

Our new house has 4 orange trees on it but I cannot stand peeling oranges. Such a hassle, am I right? Well the lovely folks at Buzzfeed have provided an easier way to peel an orange and for that we should all be thankful.

I tend to stay up late at night which is when I find all these fun stories, but now there is scientific proof that people who stay up later are more inteligent. Woohoo! But wait, I’m also supposed to get up before 6AM? I’m confused…

Spring is here and that means stripes are going to start popping up everywhere. Looking for a new way to enjoy the spring staple? Check out how to make a bold statement and startcombining stripes ASAP.


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