Bonobos Launches New Guideshop in Newport Beach, CA

Shopping online has become almost second nature in this day and age; I don’t even have to get out of bed to spend hundreds of dollars anymore. It’s downright dangerous really… While online shopping is great and coming home after a long day at work to a package on your doorstep may be one of life’s greatest joys, you soon learn after the nineteenth time of ordering the wrong size in an item or realizing that what you thought was a soft blue shirt is actually neon blue and now you look like a bag of cotton candy that there are still benefits to being able to go into a store and check out an item prior to purchasing. And that gentlemen is where the Bonobos Guideshop comes in.


Bonobos, the largest clothing brand ever born on the web in the U.S., has strategically launched guideshops throughout the country to give guys the chance to get personally fit by one of their Bonobos Guides and give you the chance to touch and feel all of their items in an actual store. You go in, try some things on, nail down your fit and then you can order all the items your heart desires. Within 2-5 days you have a nice box sitting at your door with all of your brand new items and you get the best of both worlds: the joy of receiving a piece of mail that isn’t a bill or a real estate flyer with the relief of knowing that all of the items inside will fit and can go straight into your closet.

Bonobos Newport Launch 1

Last week I went to the launch of Bonobos’ latest guideshop in Newport Beach’s Fashion Island and it is definitely worth stopping in. Go check it out and meet some of their friendly style guides and check out some of their amazing stuff. I have always loved how Bonobos mixes classic almost preppy basics with vibrant pops of on-trend prints and styles. I left wanting to sell everything in my closet and fill it with brand new Bonobos pieces. It was quite upsetting. I would definitely recommend seeing if there is a local Bonobos guideshop in your area because their product is awesome and they way they do business is perfect for any guy who doesn’t want to spend hours shopping and just wants to find a reliable retailer to refresh their wardrobe every so often.

Bonobos Newport Launch 2 Bonobos Newport Launch 4 Bonobos Newport Launch 5Bonobos Newport Launch 3 Bonobos Newport Launch 6

Find out if you have a Bonobos Guideshop in your area here.

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