Accessorizing With Modani Furniture

Style shouldn’t stop at your closet, it should extend itself into every aspect of your life, and that includes your living room. To me a living room always revolves around a sofa–it’s the centerpiece that all the other accessories revolve around so I chose this Phantom leather sofa (check out all their modern sofas). With its modern lines and classic leather upholstery, it is the perfect foundation to this living room. From there I chose to add the contemporary but rustic bookshelf. I love being able to display books, small vases, or potted succulents and this compartmentalized bookshelf allows for each item to stand alone while also providing necessary storage.

When I’m putting together outfits I always try to keep my looks somewhat fun and relaxed; I don’t like style that takes itself too seriously or that’s too stuffy or pulled together. Personal style should be just that–personal! So why wouldn’t you reflect that style in your home as well? Pieces like the floor pouf, coat rack, and decorative pillows help to ensure that the room has a bit of personality while the stilt-leg lamp and the shiny silver mirror add a classic elegance and only add to the eclectic nature of this living room.

Modani and Brick&Vine

Check out these pieces and more at www.modani.com.

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