I Stand Corrected (maybe)

Fact: I am rarely seen in public in sweatpants because I have this notion that while you should feel comfortable you shouldn’t look comfortable. Does that make sense? I am anti leaving the house in clothes that you could paint in (does that clarify?). However, this outfit has got me questioning my logic a bit… These pants are incredibly comfortable (oh my, so comfortable) and, when styled correctly, can be the perfect substitute for a pair of respectable pants any day. Staying in the realm of comfort I added these awesome New Balance sneakers which I am in love with. Maybe it’s the fact that they feel like I’m only wearing cushioned socks, or maybe it’s the added level of security they give me knowing that no matter how dark it is I will always be seen by oncoming traffic… No matter the reason, I love these shoes. I added the CPO jacket to make it a little less sporty and little more lumbersexual (yes, it’s a real term).

So perhaps I stand corrected on this idea of leaving the house in sweats, but next time you go to do so think about what I said earlier… could you paint in these? If your answer is yes, maybe opt for a more stylish sweat and style the hell out of them.

Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 4Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 2Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 1 Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 5 Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 6


BUY THE LOOK: Pants | Urban Outfitters  ||  Tee | J.Crew  ||  CPO | old (similar)  ||  Shoes | New Balance

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