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Here are my favorite links from the past few weeks… Enjoy and happy Sunday! πŸ™‚

This week was hard. One night I was wishing that Friday Night Lights had decided it was returning to television. The next day I stumbled upon this and it is (almost) like my prayers were answered.

I don’t want to like Nicki Minaj, but sometimes her songs can be pretty catchy.Β And while I actually don’t like her “Anaconda” this GQ article is definitely worth a read. She’s (apparently) not just an ass. πŸ˜‰

Technology has helped us make some great strides, right? Wrong! When you read this it will remind you of how far we have to go.

I used to work for J.Crew as a personal shopper. It was a great job. In some senses it was more along the lines of what I would like to do than what I do now. And I met my wife there, so I can’t complain about my years at J.Crew one bit. This look into J.Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler’s brain is definitely an interesting read. His perspective on the fashion retail landscape is always worth taking the time to read.

Do you ever get jealous of the homes on your favorite TV shows? Me too…Β Revenge comes to mind. Recreate the looks here.

Ever wanted to drink fall? Yes? Me too! Check out these apple cider cocktails.

And in other J.Crew news (and for a good laugh) check out Drunk J.Crew on Tumblr. It is absolutely hilarious.


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