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Southern California is experiencing a heat wave so while some of you in cooler states might be venturing outside, here we are staying where the air conditioning is blowing. Enjoy some of my favorite links from the past week (or two).

This house is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t mind throwing a party or two on those balconies. When I showed it to my nephew he thought it was creepy. Creepy or cool? You be the judge:

Ever wondered if you aren’t getting enough vitamins? Are you sure you aren’t getting enough vitamins but don’t know how to fix it. Here are the answers. 

Summer is coming to a close and it’s always this time of year that I decide to try and get in shape. I don’t know why… And even though sweater season is on the horizon here is an ab workout that I’m trying to make a daily routine.

I don’t know about you, but I am personally over New York Fashion Week… I’m ready for my Instagram feed to return to the usual posts featuring personal style and #foodie pics. But I did love seeing what good old J.Crew has in store for us next Spring. And it’s a great time of year to get some style inspiration.

This week marked the 13th anniversary of the attacks on the U.S. on September 11th. The pictures from that day are no less shocking than the first time I saw them. #neverforget

By now you’ve probably seen the hilarious way IKEA decided to announce their 2015 catalog. If not, here you are:

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