Weekend Web Browsing /03

It is Labor Day weekend so while many will be busy out trying to make the most of this last weekend of summer, some of you will be taking advantage of it by lounging around browsing the web. Those are who these are for. Enjoy some of my favorite stories of the week!

Apparently for some fashion isn’t enough, so some fashion labels have opened their own restaurants. Not gonna lie, I would definitely eat at almost all of these.

Who says you need an entire gym full of equipment to get great arms? Now if only I had a dumbbell…

My wife and I are currently knee deep in a kitchen renovation on our new house. It’s nice to see the updates we are making are right on trend (and will be for quite some time). 

This week we all got one step closer to a full-fledged Friends reunion (sort of) and it was everything we wanted it to be.

I like my coffee like I like my wine… in liquid form and in a receptacle that can carry it to my mouth. So you won’t see me using any fancy tools or machines with my morning boost but here are 12 products that might help me step up my coffee game.

Have a great (safe) weekend everyone!

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