Weekend Web Browsing /02

What are you all up to this weekend? I’m heading to Vegas with my wife and some friends to see Britney Spears in concert.  Should be epic!

Here’s a gathering of some of my favorite links and articles if you’re I to late night (or sometimes early morning) web browsing. Enjoy

This week we lost the great Robin Williams. Here are some little known facts about the legend who will be greatly missed.

Addicted to coffee like me? Then you’ll love these tips for ways to repurpose your used coffee grounds (number is my favorite).

I’m always looking for ways to keep my productivity up while I’m at work and this new technique might be the best thing I’ve stumbled upon. Putting it in action starting Monday.

Looking to eat healthier? Here is a collection of foods that a group of physicians and fitness experts eat daily. I can’t wait to try the hummus curry dressing!

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