Weekend Web Browsing / 01

I’ve started collecting my favorite links from the week and compiling them here. They will make for some interesting reading if you’re bored on the weekend and need some help navigating the internet (sometimes don’t you wish someone would just point out the interesting stuff for you?).

Hawaii VSCO effect

Turns out some of my favorite foods (tomatoes, salmon, red wine, etc.) are on the list of foods that will help you stay looking young. Who knew?

There are some lost Dr. Seuss stories that were discovered and about to be published. Critics say they aren’t all that great but I’m dying to read them anyways.

Details painstakingly tasted over 500 new gins to decide which 13 are worth trying. The bottle design alone on some of them makes them worth purchasing.

These amazing watercolors of fruits and veggies doing yoga may actually get me to go try it. Buy them here.

An alarm clock that brews a cup of coffee to wake you up. Pourover no less. MUST. HAVE.

This is a must read: Fashionable Outfits broken down by two men, one straight and one gay.


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