HOW TO: Wear Bright Colored Pants (For The Man Who Is Afraid Of Color)

Brightly colored pants are a huge trend that hasn’t even begun to peak and every guy needs a pair or two in his closet. For the fashionably faint of heart out there do not be afraid. I repeat, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Color is not only a great way to rejuvenate your wardrobe with new outfit possibilities, but also a great way to instantly show others that you know your stuff when it comes to style. Start off slow. Survey your closet and pick a pair in a color that will go with most of your shirts and sweaters (HINT: bright colors tend to go with almost all neutrals). Then, style your outfit so that your pants are the stars of the show–when you’re just starting out, you don’t want your pants to compete with your shirt, belt, shoes, socks and whatever else you’ve got going on. You can see here that I’ve paired my bright, green apple pants with a light short-sleeve chambray button up and some ivory sneakers. The light denim quality of the shirt and the simple shoes balance out the brightness of the pants. Add a few simple accessories and you’ve got a look that will make any passerby take note. FINAL WORD: Brightly colored pants are not to be taken seriously. Have fun and enjoy!

P1010283 P1010284 P1010285Pants | Urban Outfitters \\ Pro-Keds | J.Crew \\ Chambray | Old Navy

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