Comfortable Camo Kicks

As a 14 year-old kid I loved Vans and the added fun of getting to custom design your own pair online for only a few bucks more. So, much to my surprise, while I was cleaning through a dresser drawer last week I stumbled upon an old Vans gift card. I swear to you this gift card is over a decade old. As a committed shopper and spender of money I got excited that I had just found money I didn’t even know I had. I looked up how much was on the card only to be disappointed when I found out it only had $3.24 on it. Did I let that stop me from buying these amazing Vans Authentic Waxed Camo sneakers? Nope. They go great with any casual outfit and, because of their waxed finish, they will transition nicely into my fall wardrobe. And for those of you too afraid to rock some more focal camo pieces (ie. camo pants, jacket, etc.) these simple sneakers are a great way to add the forever-in-style print to your closet. Camo_Shoes closeupCamo_2Camo_Watch closeupCamo_1Camo_shoes closup 2Shirt | J.Crew \\ Shorts | H&M \\ Shoes | Vans \\ Sunglasses | Ray-Ban \\ Watch | Timex


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