Indigo: Spring’s Black


J.Crew 7″ board shorts in indigo ikat / J.Crew 9″ Stanton short in indigo reverse leaf / J.Crew Colorblock indigo tee / Lands’ End Men’s Indigo Tie / S13-077 Selvedge Tropical Leaves Half-Discharge Print Pocket Square,…

Navy is my kind of black. It’s just as dark and mysterious as black with a punch of unexpected personality. It says I’m dark, but approachable and I’m serious, but not too serious. Now don’t get me wrong, I love black as much as the next guy but when Springtime hits I feel like a punk rocker wearing it unless it’s black tie. While wearing navy isn’t reinventing the wheel but wearing indigo may be.

According to NPR, during the American Revolution indigo was worth more than the dollar and more profitable than cotton and sugar. I don’t know what that has to do with the shorts I wanted at J.Crew (that I got from my wife as a present) but it’s pretty impressive. This Spring, you can wear the at-one-time-valuable dye on your person through a variety of clothing options. My personal favorite of the season are said J.Crew print shorts–they first dye the shorts with indigo and bleached the starburst print afterward (I wore them this past weekend in Palm Springs and loved them).

I have clearly jumped on the indigo Spring trend and I would definitely recommend it. It adds just a little sophistication and personality to any look. Besides, wearing indigo you’ll always look like you know what you’re doing because who wears indigo? Stylish people, that’s who.


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