HOW TO: Find the Perfect Glass

Stylish Barware

I love to drink (I think I’ve established this) but I’ve got to have the right glass to enjoy my libations from. Stemless for red wine, stemmed for white. A stoic glass tumbler for whiskey (that is if I could get myself to drink whiskey–I’m trying I promise. Don Draper’s influence is winning me over). Sometimes you need a glass that’s a bit more elegant for those nights when you just need to feel less poor, so I think it’s imperative to collect a robust glassware collection.

My wife and I live in a small one bedroom apartment so I’m not able to purchase each and every glass that my eye lands upon, but if you are in need, some of these might catch your fancy. I do in fact have the gold etched Altuzurra glasses–got them from Target when they were doing a partnership back in 2012 with Neiman Marcus. I love them. Who says a man can’t enjoy a little gold every once in a while? They give me a little joie de vivre… back off.

Style is everything. Shouldn’t your glassware be as stylish as you are while you’re drinking from them?

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