Home Reno: Small Bathroom

February 28, 2015

Back in July my wife and I purchased our first home and ever since we have been renovating. It started as a simple update to some outdated items. It was a house built in the fifties and nothing had been updated (except for some pretty sad updates in the bathrooms). Over time we ended up having to update almost every inch due to outdated electrical and plumbing and it just being an old home. Seven months later and we are finally move in and are thrilled with the way it turned out. It took longer than expected but we couldn’t be happier with the result. We’ll slowly be sharing all of the updates we made to our home in the hopes that we can help shine a little light on the process whether you’re contemplating a similar scenario or just looking for some stylish decorating tips.

First up is my wife’s bathroom… the house has two bathrooms so my wife and I each took on one to disperse the workload. Her’s turned out gorgeous! Favorite part? It’s a tie between the amazing hand-painted tile rug (surrounded by classic penny tiles) and the light-reflecting crystal knobs we received from Hickory Hardware. Read her entire post and check out more pics over on her blog, Top It Off. A preview is below:



Mel's Bathroom 4

SHOP THE ROOM: Knobs c/o Hickory Hardware // WestElm Shower Curtain // Home Depot Mirror



What Can I Say? I’m A Freak For Socks

February 25, 2015

Ties Mustache Socks 2Ties Mustache Socks 5 Ties Mustache Socks 3Ties Mustache Socks 6 Ties Mustache Socks 4Ties Mustache Socks 7 Ties Mustache Socks 8Ties Mustache Socks 1

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a freak for socks. Sometimes they can carry all of the weight in giving your look a punch of personality. These socks from Ties.com are no exception. First off, the colors are a combination after my own heart; black and brown together is like my peanut butter and jelly. It’s my go to color combo. Speaking of which, I recently had a peanut and butter and jelly sandwich and it was just as good as when I was in elementary school. If you were ever a PB&J fan you should definitely take a trip down memory lane and whip one up. But I digress… The other thing that these socks have going for them is the obvious use of the mustache. If that doesn’t make anyone who sneaks a peek at your ankles smile, I don’t know what will. I based the rest of my look off of these puppies and kept with the black and brown color scheme and it was anything but dull and while I’d like to think it was my styling abilities, I can’t help but think it has something to do with these awesome socks.

SHOP THE LOOK: Shirt | J.Crew // Jeans | J.Crew // Socks | c/o Ties.com // Boots | Cole Haan // Sunglasses | Ray-Ban // Watch | Jack Spade


Thinking Back on Snowier Times

February 18, 2015

Snowy Shawl Fairisle 5Snowy Shawl Fairisle 1 Snowy Shawl Fairisle 2 Snowy Shawl Fairisle 3 Snowy Shawl Fairisle 4Snowy Shawl Fairisle 6

It’s so warm here on the west coast that I thought a nice retrospective on my recent trip to Rhode Island would be a nice way to cool down. I have to say that it worked… I’m feeling cooler already. In all seriousness though, I know that much of the country is struggling to stay above the snow and for that I am sympathetic but what you have to understand is that I love cooler weather. I love the cold, the snowy weather and getting to wear winter clothing and living in Southern California doesn’t always cooperate. So when I see snow I load up on layers, throw on my fairisle, stock up on scarves, pull out anything lined with fur or down and I have an instant smile on my face. This fairisle, shawl-collar sweater was the perfect way to stay warm while traipsing around in the snow and while these Cole Haan boots weren’t quiet up for the challenge of 3 feet of snow, they sure do look good don’t they?

So I know that the last thing that most of you wanted to see was another picture with snow or a sweater and you may already have moved on to planning for spring but for now just humor me. Soon all you’ll be seeing are shorts and tee shirts and you’ll think back and wish for snowier times.

SHOP THE LOOK: Sweater | Old Navy (Similar) // Jeans | Levis // Boots | Cole Haan // Sweatshirt | J.Crew (Similar) // Watch | Timex // Sunglasses | Ray-Ban


Check Out Chairish.com

February 12, 2015

My wife and I recently renovated our first home and are in the process of furnishing and decorating it. We love mixing affordable pieces with one-of-a-kind vintage finds. Now you can spend hours scouring flea markets and antique stores or you can check out Chairish.com where people from all over list their vintage furniture for sale. You find, you fall in love, you buy, and you ship it to yourself. Or you can pick it up for free if you’re local to where it’s being sold from. Looking for a vintage kilim rug? Or a mid-century modern sideboard? Chairish has it all. I recently found this nineteenth century accent chair that I fell in love with (center below). One thing led to another and I found so many fun finds that combined to create this eclectic mix of goods that need to make it into my home. I’m not kidding, I need all of these. Should I start a kickstarter campaign?

Chairish Collage

I would tend to stick to grays and neutrals, hence the grey accent chair being the focal point of this collage, but my wife is into color and she has helped me extend past my drab decor choices. I’m really into this canary yellow right now so I chose items that played well with this bright pop of color. There is something so comforting about this warm yellow that it can make almost any space feel homey. I love the mix of the seemingly stuffy French armchair with the brightly colored kilim rug and the mid-century modern floor lamp. If that’s not fun I don’t know what is. For me, home should be a collection of things that signify your personal style and this room couldn’t be more me. It’s stylish but doesn’t take itself too seriously–me in a nutshell. A site like chairish is the perfect place for anyone wanting to create a space that feels unique theirs. Make sure you check out Chairish and let me know what you find in the comments section!

SHOP THE ROOM: Accent Chair // Floor Lamp // Kilim Rug // Bar Cart // Decorative Bowl // Mirror // Candle Holders // Bench // Vase // Ikat Pillow // Tribal Pillow


About Time For An Anorak

February 11, 2015

Spring Rain Slicker 1 Spring Rain Slicker 2 Spring Rain Slicker 3 Spring Rain Slicker 4 Spring Rain Slicker 5 Spring Rain Slicker 6 Spring Rain Slicker 7

Spring has all but sprung out here on the west coast so why not wear a bright red anorak jacket? This time of year is all about transitional pieces and this lightweight jacket and sweatshirt are perfect to layer on days when the sun is out but a cool breeze could hit at any moment. This California weather is tricky so you can’t be caught unprepared. Not to mention the bright red color of this anorak is a classic way to break out of the winter doldrums of drab colors. Add to the look my favorite pair of Levi’s which are going to rip at the seams any day now, I can feel it (and I will cry), and these sturdy CAT Footwear boots and I’ve got the perfect outfit to transition out of winter and into spring. Looks like I might be a little late though–it’s supposed to be in the eighties the next few days. I told you, this California weather is a tricky son of a gun…

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket | Old Navy // Sweatshirt | J.Crew // Jeans | Levi’s // Boots | (similar) Caterpillar // Sunglasses | Ray-Ban


How To Break The Rules The Right Way

February 6, 2015

Mack Weldon Pima Tee 4Mack Weldon Pima Tee 2Mack Weldon Pima Tee 3Mack Weldon Pima Tee 5 Mack Weldon Pima Tee 1

Found these pics in the archive from before my haircut and loved the look too much not to post. And what a look to post on a Friday and kick off the weekend right. It’s the perfect combo to head to dinner or grab a drink in. Style rules are meant to be broken as far as I’m concerned. That is if there are any style rules still in effect. Who follows the don’t mix brown and black? Or shoes must match your belt? Sure, there’s a time and a place when all of these rules still make the most sense aesthetically so you go with them but I don’t believe in hard and fast rules.

The days of Don’t wear white after Labor Day have long been dead (at least as far as denim is concerned–leave your linen pants in the closet for a few more months). Granted darker colors still reign when gloomier, chillier weather is involved but wearing white is perfectly acceptable when there’s still a chill in the air. That’s why looks like this are fun to put together. I love the combination with the dark maroon and brown elements that help make this a distinctly winter outfit. The perfectly fitted leather jacket combined with a simple tee keep it casual and I personally love the added lumbersexual punch of the plaid flannel scarf. Keeps me grounded in my hipster roots.

So there you go. If you’re going to break the “rules”, at least do it right.

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket | ASOS // Tee | Mack Weldon (similar) // Jeans | J.Crew // Shoes | J.Crew (similar) // Scarf | J.Crew (similar) // Sunglasses | Ray-Ban // Socks | Mack Weldon


What The Whiteout

February 1, 2015

Snow Day Camo 4Snow Day Camo 1 Snow Day Camo 2 Snow Day Camo 3Snow Day Camo 5 Snow Day Camo 6

While I was on the east coast (during the recent historic blizzard), I didn’t exactly pack correctly. I’m just not used to the 20 degree weather at all… let alone used to it enough to go running around in a simple flannel shirt or sweater. I donned this fur hooded coat and took my best shot. Minutes after these pics were shot I was seen inside huddled around a hot coffee mug watching the snow fall down from afar… still wearing my fur hooded coat. Did I mention I was inside? And that there was a driving ban in Rhode Island? Oh well, I’m safely back on the west coast where we are having 70 degree weather (that was said in a whisper so the cold weather folks couldn’t hear). Stay safe all of you bracing for more blizzards or storms or whatever it is that you have on the east.

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Bracing For A Blizzard

January 26, 2015

Rhode Island Slush Look 1Rhode Island Slush Look 5 Rhode Island Slush Look 2 Rhode Island Slush Look 3 Rhode Island Slush Look 4Rhode Island Slush Look 6

My wife and I are currently on the east coast visiting my dad in Rhode Island, and it seems like the east coast decided to welcome us with some snow. This is just the beginning. The east is about to get blasted with a blizzard of huge proportions so I decided to take advantage of this sunny day and spend some time outside before we have to buckle down indoors. The storm hasn’t hit yet but already people are stocking up and preparing to spend a few days indoors, which, having lived in Southern California my whole life,  is difficult for me to understand. I ran around town and loaded up on essentials in my Forever21 topcoat and this super warm J.Crew sweater–at least these guys are finally getting some use. Wish me luck braving the blizzard! Bring it on Juno!

SHOP THE LOOK: Jeans | J.Crew // Sweater | J.Crew (similar) // Coat | Forever21 // Boots | Cole Haan (similar) // Watch | Citizen // Sunglasses | Ray-Ban


Prepped and Ready

January 14, 2015

Maroon Gingham Look 8Maroon Gingham Look 3Maroon Gingham Look 2Maroon Gingham Look 5Maroon Gingham Look 1 Maroon Gingham Look 6 Maroon Gingham Look 7

I’m getting in all the wool sweaters I can while the weather is still cool here. Enter this amazingly affordable Old Navy contrast trim crewneck. This sweater (of which I now own in 2 colors) is a great find and it feels and looks like a sweater that would cost 5 times as much. I love it layered over this ASPECD gingham shirt for a classically preppy look and the Jack Spade watch doesn’t hurt in finishing everything off. I love shopping at all ends of the spectrum (as long as I can afford it) and putting outfits together that combines items from all price brackets. Everyone needs a little variety in their closet!

SHOP THE LOOK: Sweater | Old Navy // Shirt | c/o ASPECD // Jeans | Levi’s // Boots | Cole Haan (similar) // Watch | Jack Spade (similar)


A Sweater For All Seasons

January 9, 2015

Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 1Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 3 Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 4 Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 5 Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 6Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 2

I’d like to introduce you to my favorite cardigan; or one of them. I have so many it really is hard to decide. But this one is definitely top ten. It’s cotton so it’s comfortable and easy to care for. It’s classic design makes it an easy-to-wear layer that I can throw on no matter the season. A year or so ago, maybe longer, it went missing. I put up posters in my local area, I called the police, to which they were rather unhelpful, I even put it on milk cartons. Maybe you saw them? I had all but given up that I would ever find it again only to see it hanging in my sister’s closet one day. She had stolen it from me because she too saw how amazing it was. I’ll take it as a compliment that I have exceptional taste and own items worthy of stealing and leave it at that. And now that it’s back in my closet I have to say I’m relieved and I’m sleeping a little more soundly. With the deep brown of the boots and the dark jeans and henley, the sweater tops off this outfit with just the right amount of contrast to create a classic winter look any lumbersexual would be lucky to wear.

SHOP THE LOOK: Jeans | J.Crew // Cardigan | J.Crew (similar) // Henley | J.Crew // Boots | Red Wing

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