The Truth About Coffee (c/o Design Taxi)

Perusing the internet late at night is a dangerous pastime of mine… one minute it’s 9 o’clock and I’m clicking on the Google Chrome button and the next it’s after midnight and I suddenly realize that not only did I not respond to that one email which was the purpose of me getting on my laptop in the first place, but I have yet again missed out on getting a good night’s sleep. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow night, right? Ahh the life of a procrastinator…

However, how can one simply close the laptop and go to bed when you know there is so much out there… so many gems just waiting to be clicked on. Like this infographic from Design Taxi that combines my love of coffee and my love of sarcasm into one simplistically elegant graphic. So I hope that you too stay up for hours and stumble upon this and get some pleasure in having found a nugget of interest out here on the world wide web.

Check it out… then go to bed.

Boga and Black 1

Black is the New Black

Nothing beats black when it comes to a night out. I wore this for a casual night out with some friends and it was the perfect way to spend a summer night enjoying some cocktails and good company. I have never worn a pair of jeans as comfortable as this BOGA cone black denim pair. They have the perfect amount of stretch so I was comfortable all night long. The attention to detail and focus on fit for BOGA’s denim collection ensures that no matter your build or body type they will be able to provide you with a perfect pair of jeans. The “Jack” fit is works great on my body and provides the perfect amount of skinny that I look for in a great jean.

Boga and Black 2Boga and Black 1Boga and Black 3 Boga and Black 4 Boga and Black 5

Jeans | c/o BOGA  ||  Shirt | Topman  ||  Shoes | Cole Haan (similar)  ||  Watch | Asos

Preppy and Plaid 1

Prepped in Plaid

Here is the last of my Hawaiian vacation posts. This outfit was for a night that the family all went out to dinner at Red Salt, the restaurant at the Koa Kea (which was absolutely amazing by the way) and it is about as dressed up as I got while visiting the beautiful island of Kauai. The bright colors were perfect for the tropical setting and shorts were a must for the warm evening weather. This outfit is a perfect example of how to recycle old items into outfits that are still relevant. I mean this outfit is by no means earth shattering or trend setting but sometimes nothing can beat simplicity and saving some money.

Preppy and Plaid 1 Preppy and Plaid 2 Preppy and Plaid 3 Dinner edit


Shirt | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Shorts | J.Crew  ||  Sandals | old

Hawaiian Printed 2

Printed in Paradise

When in Hawaii do as the Hawaiians do? Alright, while I’m not entirely certain Hawaiians regularly don Hawaiian print shirts, but it wearing a floral print shirt is a great way to get in the spirit of exploring a tropical location like Hawaii. This outfit was a great way for me to incorporate a little Hawaiian print in a way that was still on trend. This summer is all about mixing prints and patterns and this combination of polka dot and floral was an easy way to look stylish while exploring the beauty of Waimea Canyon on the west coast of Kauai. Waimea Canyon, nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” was just a short drive from where we were staying and while pictures cannot capture the views we were able to see, both of the canyon and the ocean, the drive was definitely worth it.

Hawaiian Printed 1Hawaiian Printed 2 Hawaiian Printed 3 Hawaiian Printed 4 Hawaiian Printed 5Waimea Canyon edit Waimea Canyon 2 Waimea Canyon 3

Shirt | Old Navy (similar)  ||  Shorts | Urban Outfitters (similar)  ||  Watch | Asos 

Light and Bright 1

Light and Bright In Kauai

Sorry I’ve  been so lax on posting the past week or so… I was on vacation in Hawaii and have only now begun to get back to reality. Packing for a location like Hawaii can always be a bit difficult because you spend almost all your time in swim trunks or shorts and a tee shirt. Besides, with the astronomical prices that airlines charge now for checked bags, you do not want to pack more than you need. Here is an outfit I wore just relaxing and taking in some of the beautiful scenery on Kauai. You can’t tell from the photos but I got the worst sunburn of my life on the first day of the trip so I spent the rest of the time drenched in aloe vera and wearing items that wouldn’t cling to my body. There is a lesson to be learned: do not get sunburned on the first day of vacation… no amount of color is worth it! Scroll to the bottom for some of my favorite shots from our trip and stay tuned for more outfits and shots from my Hawaiian vacation!

Light and Bright 1Light and Bright 2Light and Bright 3Spouting Horn edit

My wife and I visiting the Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn edit 1

Spouting Horn (water rushes into this underwater cave and spouts up through the rocks)

Spouting Horn edit 2

A few of the many chickens that can be found anywhere on Kauai

Spouting Horn edit 3

The view from our walk–absolutely stunning.

Shirt | H&M (similar)  ||  Shorts | H&M  ||  Sandals | J.Crew (old)  ||  Sunglasses | RayBan

HOW TO: Style Your Hair Like a World Cup Soccer Star

The U.S. might be out of the World Cup but the way those guys style their hair cannot be defeated. My friend Liz has compiled the products and techniques your favorite soccer stars use to style their sporty locks over on the Planet Beauty blog. She’s even chosen to feature me (and my go-to grooming product line, American Crew) with the likes of these awesome athletes. Head on over to check it out:


Flowers and Stripes 5

Pattern Play

Flowers and Stripes 1

The warmer months have officially begun and with them comes a unique set of style dilemmas. I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to avoid wearing what feels like the same outfit every day in the summer. Shorts and a shirt. Shorts and a tee shirt. Did I miss anything? Yes, of course there are lightweight pants options and other lightweight layers but, as someone who is pretty stylistically realistic (and as someone who sweats a ton), when it’s already in the nineties out here in Southern California I am not going to be loading up on the layers on a daily basis.

So, I’m left to find creative ways to assemble looks. That means playing with color, texture, and pattern. For this outfit I mixed the large floral print shorts from last year (of which you can find so many options right now) with a basic nautical striped tee and the leather driving mocs are an easy way to stay and look cool. I’ll be looking for creative ways to stay stylish all summer long so stay tuned!

Got any stylish ways to combat summer heat? Tweet me or connect on Instagram!

Flowers and Stripes 2 Flowers and Stripes 4 Flowers and Stripes 3Flowers and Stripes 5

Old Navy Shorts (similar)  ||  J.Crew Tee (similar)  ||  J.Crew Driving Mocs (similar)

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the perfect father’s day gift can be difficult… for some. The key to the perfect father’s day gift is finding something that he will enjoy. It doesn’t have to cost a ton or be something that he wouldn’t buy himself. It just has to be something he’ll get use out of and appreciate. My dad and I have very similar interests: we’re both into fashion, grooming, basically the latest and greatest. This father’s day gift guide are all things that my dad (and myself if I were a dad) would love to receive.


1) Perry Ellis Cobalt, 3.4 fl. oz. $65 ||  2) Target Lyndale Duffle, $28  || 3) Mack Weldon Socks, $14.50  ||  4) Hendricks Gin, $33 \ EDC Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife, $29 \ Ebbets Field Flannels Baseball Cap, $49.50 

HOW TO: Light It Up in Style

Lighting plays such a huge role in a stylish space; it’s not just there to keep you from sitting in the dark. It adds drama and personality without stealing the show in a stylish space. The ting with lighting is that every space has to have it (don’t sit in the dark, it’s weird), so why not take a stand have something that not only brightens your space but makes a statement. I’ve scoured my favorite sources for inspiration and found a few amazing examples of how lighting can take a space from somewhat stylish to perfectly pulled together.

Mercury glass bulbs or glass bulb pendants are such an interesting and relatively inexpensive way to light a space.

I love these white globe pendants. They have a little vintage charm but in the right space serve as an injection of modern simplicity.

Then again, sometimes something with drama is the perfect finishing touch to a space…

(buy at West Elm)

Find more of my home inspiration on Pinterest.

Colorblocking in Blue 5

Beating the Heat in Blue

Colorblocking in Blue 1

All of a sudden it was spring in Southern California. Actually, correction… we skipped spring and went straight to summer. Last week we had triple digit days and needless to say, I wasn’t fully prepared. When the heat hits all I want to do is throw on a pair of shorts and a comfy tee, so it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to step it up. The smallest of steps: this short sleeve chambray. This shirt is a great layering piece and is so lightweight that it feels like I’m not wearing an extra layer at all, but it does give this outfit a little more personality making it is an easy style solution for a day that’s one hundred degrees.

Colorblocking in Blue 5

Sneakers of all shapes and styles are huge for spring but for me, you can’t be the classic cool that comes with a pair of Jack Purcell’s. They’re comfortable and come in an array of colors so they are a great spring shoe option.

Colorblocking in Blue 3 Colorblocking in Blue 4Colorblocking in Blue 6

 Shorts | H&M  ||  Tee | JCrew (similar) ||  Shirt | H&M (similar)  ||  Shoes | Jack Purcell  ||  Watch | Asos

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