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Monochromatic menswear packing image

Simplify Packing by Going Monochromatic

I hate packing for trips. It’s one of my least favorite things. I used to end up just grabbing all my favorite pieces and throwing them in a suitcase. Then I’d up at my destination only to find that I…

Picnic Rockport -20

Picnic + Pops of Color

Summer gets expensive. It’s a couple months into summer and I’ve partaken in a few too many wine lunches, dinners out and planned a pretty great vacation (I leave in 3 weeks!) so it’s to try to save a bit.…

Checks and Dots 6

How to Choose a Tattoo

I write this as I sit and realize that on this day 9 years ago I got my first tattoo and I’m a little surprised that I even did it. I tend to play it safe and always stay…

BR Casual Preppy Polo and Jeans-7

Keeping it Casual

I know it’s only the beginning of August and I hate when people jump the gun on things like this, but I feel like I’m ready for fall. Am I the only one? I’m ready to get back to pants…

Watermelon Tequila cocktail recipe-3

Smashed Watermelon Cocktail Recipe (Psst… It has tequila)

It seems there’s a national “day” for almost everything nowadays. That being said, who wouldn’t be on board with National Watermelon Day (Wednesday, August 3rd)? I love watermelon and pretty much always go for anything watermelon flavored. Remember watermelon…

Casual Menswear Leather Backpack-4

Summer Vibes + Leather Backpacks

I haven’t blogged anything in a while but I’m trying to buckle down and dive back in because I’ve got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. I’ve been a little busy lately, I mean it is the summer after all.…


How To Dress For a Road Trip

This past weekend, my wife and I took a road trip to Utah to visit my grandma for her 91st birthday. It was a quick overnight trip but well worth the time spent with her and family! We couldn’t go through…


Simple Cucumber Gin Cocktail Recipe

It’s hot. It’s humid. And it’s time for a cocktail. By the end of a hot summer’s day all I want to do is cool off with a refreshing and light cocktail. I love fresh or herbal flavors in cocktails–I…

Fourth of July Mens Summer Outfit-7

Here’s What You Should Wear This Fourth of July

Fourth of July is almost here and with it comes the usual BBQs and outdoor picnics. I always find Fourth of July to be a very long day. You start around lunchtime and spend the rest of the afternoon…

how to wear a white tee shirt-7

How To Wear a White Tee

When it comes to style I’m a pretty simple, straightforward guy. I think every man should fill his closet with staples and find “new” ways to wear them. I say new because there’s nothing too revolutionary happening in my…