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Transitioning to Fall in Style

This week is the week we welcome fall. What fall looks like is different depending on where you live. I’ve heard areas on the east coast have already seen lower temps and even some rain. I’ve read that the…


Casual Comfort with Tommy John

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: comfort is key. I really hate when I’m very aware that I’m wearing something. Whether it’s your underwear or even an outer layer like a sweater or jacket, I really do believe…


Island Vibes + Good Times with JORD Wood Watches

I made it. I made it to my vacation! I’ve spent the better part of a week enjoying the sunshine, the sandy beaches and some of the natural surroundings Maui has to offer. I mentioned that last time my…

Summer Stripes and Short Sleeves-8

No Sleeves for the Summer (or Fall)

These past few weeks have been dragging for me. I’m headed to Maui in 3 days and while I know it will fly by, I cannot wait. I don’t think I’ve ever needed a vacation so bad in my…

Monochromatic menswear packing image

Simplify Packing by Going Monochromatic

I hate packing for trips. It’s one of my least favorite things. I used to end up just grabbing all my favorite pieces and throwing them in a suitcase. Then I’d up at my destination only to find that I…

Picnic Rockport -20

Picnic + Pops of Color

Summer gets expensive. It’s a couple months into summer and I’ve partaken in a few too many wine lunches, dinners out and planned a pretty great vacation (I leave in 3 weeks!) so it’s to try to save a bit.…

Checks and Dots 6

How to Choose a Tattoo

I write this as I sit and realize that on this day 9 years ago I got my first tattoo and I’m a little surprised that I even did it. I tend to play it safe and always stay…

BR Casual Preppy Polo and Jeans-7

Keeping it Casual

I know it’s only the beginning of August and I hate when people jump the gun on things like this, but I feel like I’m ready for fall. Am I the only one? I’m ready to get back to pants…

Watermelon Tequila cocktail recipe-3

Smashed Watermelon Cocktail Recipe (Psst… It has tequila)

It seems there’s a national “day” for almost everything nowadays. That being said, who wouldn’t be on board with National Watermelon Day (Wednesday, August 3rd)? I love watermelon and pretty much always go for anything watermelon flavored. Remember watermelon…

Casual Menswear Leather Backpack-4

Summer Vibes + Leather Backpacks

I haven’t blogged anything in a while but I’m trying to buckle down and dive back in because I’ve got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. I’ve been a little busy lately, I mean it is the summer after all.…