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Let’s face it, as a man shopping can be rather difficult. Stores definitely gear the shopping experience toward women and why is that? To generalize for a minute, it’s because of the fact that men don’t really enjoy the shopping experience. Yes we like to look good (some of us) and yes we get excited about getting something new, but we don’t always want to have to hunt and scour stores looking for it. Now with the advent of online shopping, our scouring has been minimized to hours of scrolling through web pages and hours, and even days, waiting for the ever-elusive “free shipping” promo code. But alas, the whole darn thing can still be rather overwhelming. That is until now.

May I introduce Dash Hudson. Dash Hudson is a shopping experience unlike any other making forming your personal style easier than ever. It connects you with personal stylists who recommend products based on your personal style and specific needs. Best part? You can purchase their recommendations right through the app on your mobile device. This app is definitely going to transform that menswear shopping experience and is definitely worth taking the time to download. Once you download connect with me, Ryan Rosenkilde, and we can get started on your personal style journey. Visit www.dashhudson.com for full details.




Schooled on Spring Style 4

Schooled on Spring Style

Schooled on Spring Style 1

The easiest style solution to transition into spring is for a guy to throw on a gingham shirt. Extra points if it’s blue. Nothing screams spring style like a blue gingham shirt. This one peeking out under this cotton sweater is an easy way to welcome the sunny days and soft breezes. I wore this outfit to a special VIP day at my nephew’s school and it served as a perfect style solution for playing tag on the school playground. For a truly hilarious story about the day head over to my wife’s blog and read her post. Truly entertaining!  Schooled on Spring Style 2 Schooled on Spring Style 3 Schooled on Spring Style 4


Jeans | J.Crew  ||  Shirt | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Sweater | old (similar)  ||  Shoes | Cole Haan (old)

Denim on Camo 4

Never Say Never

Denim on Camo3

When it comes to print, this outfit proves that you should never say never. I would have thought the camo on camo could have been too much but I gotta say, I love this outfit! Maybe it’s because I continue to be obsessed with camo print, or maybe it’s because I was incredibly comfortable in this outfit–who can say really? All I know is that I loved how I felt and I love how I looked in this outfit so for all you naysayers out there all I have to say is that you can never have too much of a good thing.

Denim on Camo 2Denim on CamoDenim on Camo 4Denim on Camo 5Denim on Camo 6Pants | Dockers (similar)  ||  Shirt | Target (similar)  ||  Shoes | Vans  ||  Watch | Timex  ||  Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

Shawl Collar Rakani Watch 2

Shawl Collars & Swarovski Crystals

Shawl Collar Rakani Watch 3

I love that chinos have evolved from a preppy man’s weekend pant to an any day, any way pant. They come in so many colors, prints, and styles and it has given an endless possibility of options to a man’s wardrobe. Long gone are the days of wearing jeans on repeat! I paired these soft green chinos with black to dress them up a bit, and I love the contrast of the two colors. I am also enjoying breaking out some of my spring favorites like this shawl collar sweatshirt–a must have in a spring wardrobe. I’m also sporting this awesome new Rakani timepiece that’s studded with black Swarovski crystals. Neat sidebar on Rakani: all of their watch collections are centered around a theme. This one is part of the “Stuck in Traffic” collection and features the black crystals between the hours of 4 and 8, what is considered to be rush hour. Not only is the watch stunning, but it also has a unique story which you’ve got to love. Check them out!

Shawl Collar Rakani Watch 2Shawl Collar Rakani Watch 4Shawl Collar Rakani Watch 1

Pants | J.Crew  ||  Sweater | Old (Similar)  ||  Shoes | Old (Similar)  ||  Watch | c/o Rakani

Jeans and white tee 5

Turning Basics Into Stylish Staples

Jeans and white tee

As the temperature rises my desire to dress more casually also rises. And sometimes you just need to go back to basics! Worn in jeans (comfortable), a long sleeve tee (even more comfortable), and a pair of rugged boots (as comfortable as a pair of rugged boots can be) and I was done. The gold watch might seem a little out of place but I liked the idea of adding something that was a little fun and unexpected. Sometimes that’s all you need to elevate your basics into stylish staples–something fun and unexpected.

Jeans and white tee 2 Jeans and white tee 3 Jeans and white tee 4 Jeans and white tee 5

Jeans | J.Crew  ||  Tee | J.Crew  ||  Boots | Red Wings  ||  Watch | Asos  || Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

Archipelago Diffuser 2

Stylish Scent: The Private Reserve Reed Diffuser

Nothing beats walking into a fresh smelling room. Now candles are a great way to get a fresh scent (with a little ambiance), but you can’t always have a candle lit. Enter the reed diffuser. And when you need a reed diffuser with style? Enter the Archipelago Private Reserve Diffuser. It’s a stylish way to keep your home smelling great. With its black on black design it does double duty, not only filling your space with a great natural scent, but also serves as simple, yet stunning mini art piece. It is a perfect way to spruce up your space–whether it could benefit from the amazing design or the enticing scents. If you are more of a candle person, check out a review on them here.

Archipelago does more than candles and diffusers, offering everything you need to turn any space into a stylish home. Check it out at shoparchipelago.com.

Archipelago Diffuser


Private Reserve Diffuser c/o Archipelago

Buttoned Up In Blue 3

Buttoned Up In Blue

Buttoned Up In Blue

I rarely post anything about my work outfits, but I thought I’d start trying to add some wear-to-work looks into the mix. For me, since I work somewhere that wearing a suit would result in puzzled looks in the hall, I love being able to shop suit separates. These textured wool trousers are part of a suit but I only took home the pants. I substituted the jacket for a cotton shawl collar cardigan and I added the tie for a little prep school pizazz. This still resulted in some odd looks in the hall but one can only care so much, right?

It’s the perfect outfit for today as it is “Light It Up Blue” for Autism Awareness. Try to add some pops of blue to your outfit today to show your support! 

Buttoned Up In Blue 2 Buttoned Up In Blue 3 Buttoned Up In Blue 4

Pants | H&M  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Cardigan | old (Similar)  ||  Tie | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Tie Clip | The Tie Bar  ||  Socks | c/o Mack Weldon  ||  Shoes | old (Similar)  ||  Watch | c/o Rakani

Sweats and Stripes 5

Stripes, Sweats, and Sale Prices

Sweats and Stripes 1

The only thing better than getting a deal on clothes is actually liking the clothes that you are getting a deal on. Too often I order something online that seems like a great deal and when I get it it doesn’t fit and you start to realize why it only cost $10. Ever happen? When I ordered both these sweatpants and this denim jacket I figured something was bound to be wrong. I mean the pants were only $11 and the jacket was $50! But much to my glee they not only fit but look great. Just goes to show that hunting for deals can pay off—persevere fellow deal-hunters!

Sweats and Stripes 2 Sweats and Stripes 3 Sweats and Stripes 4 Sweats and Stripes 5 Sweats and Stripes 6 Sweats and Stripes 7

Pants | Target  ||  Tee | old (Similar)  ||  Denim Jacket | J.Crew Factory  ||  Boots | J.Crew

Vintage Goods at Brick&Vine: the shop

I am addicted to shopping. Doesn’t matter what it is… clothes, home stuff, succulents, etc. Succulents you may ask? Yes, I have this bad habit of buying succulents, nursing them to death and then buying more as a replacement. I currently have about 6 or 7 in different stages of life. One is about to kick it any day now I can tell, but luckily I picked up a new one today so good riddance! Anyways, I have this annoying habit of picking up things that I would want to put in our apartment, whether from Goodwill, flea markets, thrift stores, etc. The problem with this is that we live in an apartment that simply cannot contain everything I find. Therefore, I am now offering it up to you folks. If you are interested in purchasing anything head on over to my Etsy shop. Check it out: www.etsy.com/shop/BrickandVine. If you have any questions just comment below. The first few items are posted below.

Prints in Spring 3

Simple, Straightforward Style

Prints in Spring 4

This outfit doesn’t need much translation–it pretty much speaks for itself. Camo print, ripped jeans, and some cool sneakers. So simple but so damn stylish. That’s how I know I’m wearing the right outfit, when I can count on it to speak for itself. This outfit is something anyone who knows me can say they’ve seen me wear a rendition of. Maybe I’d switch out the camo shirt for a bright gingham or a plaid flannel, but the general combination would be the same. Simple, straightforward and full of style. Cheers!

Prints in Spring 1Prints in Spring 5Prints in Spring 2Prints in Spring 3

Jeans | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Tee | H&M  ||  Shirt | old (similar)  ||  Shoes | Vans



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