No Shows + New Shoes

April 27, 2016
CAT Footwear Spring 2016-11

You know when you get a new pair of shoes and you’re super excited to slip them on and just show the world your new kicks? And then you remember that your feet hate you and your need for stylish footwear and love to get all cut up and blistered just to prove to you that comfort is more important than personal style? Add on top of that now it’s spring and you want to wear no shows which are great because you can’t see them, but then that usually means that the backs of your shoes just cut into your ankles. Sheesh, if I had a dollar for each of the times it’s felt like I’ve almost severed my Achilles tendon from a new pair of leather shoes… I’d have like a hundred dollars (good thing I have a day job).

Since I’ve obviously never learned to take it easy when breaking in a pair of shoes I buckled up my new Halsey shoe from CAT Footwear and headed out to enjoy running around town getting things done. I am proud to report that my Achilles tendon is not only intact but made it through the day completely unscathed. Not only are these shoes comfortable but I love their unique look. I own the Halsey boot and I was excited to see what the buckle closure looked like on a oxford and I’ve got to say, I’m digging it. They remind me of my old velcro shoes I had in elementary school but these look so much nicer. These have and will continue to be worn on repeat all spring and summer (and I think into fall and winter) long. CAT Footwear Spring 2016-1 CAT Footwear Spring 2016-3CAT Footwear Spring 2016-9CAT Footwear Spring 2016-8 CAT Footwear Spring 2016-4 CAT Footwear Spring 2016-6CAT Footwear Spring 2016-11CAT Footwear Spring 2016-2 CAT Footwear Spring 2016-7 CAT Footwear Spring 2016-10 CAT Footwear Spring 2016-5


Shoes: c/o CAT Footwear // Jeans: c/o: Mott&Bow (save 20% with code BRICKANDVINE) // Shirt: J.Crew // Sunglasses: Nectar // Watch: JORD (click for $25 off)

Spring Stripes + White Soles

April 21, 2016
Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-3

Spring is in full bloom and I couldn’t be more excited. The days are getting longer and their full of sunshine and warm weather. You can’t help but have a smile on your face in the springtime. For me the beginning of seasons is always my favorite–I love getting to transition from sweaters and coats to tees and light layers. And while everyone else was chilling at Coachella I was hanging out at home and all was right with the world. I’ve never been to Coachella but for me it sounds like an absolute nightmare–I hate crowds and I hate how Coachella fills my Instagram feed with so many obnoxious pictures. If you’re into, cool for you. I’m just not.

While I might not be a music festival kind of guy, I do like getting new clothes (unrelated, but it gives you a little insight as to what I’m all about haha). This time of year I always pick up a few new pieces that I know will get worn a ton and carry me through the season. That’s why I’m loving these new shoes. They are 1) so incredibly comfortable it’s almost illegal (if comfort were a legal issue) and; 2) they have all the athletic inspired style one could ask for. I love that they’ve got the sole (and soul) of a sneaker but the classic qualities of an oxford. And the color is perfect for spring. Almost as perfect as this Bougainvillea is as a backdrop (I mean, what?!).

And if stripes had a season it would definitely be spring–they start to pop up everywhere (I’m wearing them now as I sit here and write this). Style note: If you find yourself doing a ton of stripes as I tend to do, try finding pieces that mix it up a bit. This Forever21 mesh baseball shirt is a great twist on a classic pattern.

Discount Alert! Save 20% off a pair of Rockports by clicking here (discount taken automatically at checkout). Enjoy!

Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-1Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-4Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-9Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-2Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-6Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-3Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-7Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-5Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-8Rockport Total Fusion Rocksand-10


Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow (use code BRICKANDVINE for 20% off) // Shirt: Forever21 // Chambray: J.Crew // Shoes: c/o Rockport (click for 20% off) // Sunglasses: Nectar // Watch: Citizen // Bracelet: Giles & Brother

Jeans For All Seasons

April 18, 2016
Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-5

Coat season is officially coming to a close in So Cal which makes me sort of sad. I picked up this coat from Zara this year and it didn’t get worn nearly enough. As I packed it up I kept telling it next year would be different but I’m not sure it believed me. And how could I expect it to when I don’t believe it myself. You just don’t need that much outerwear here in So Cal. The cool seasons are short… I mean it’s already ninety degrees here right now!

One thing I never feel guilty stocking up on are jeans. I work in a pretty casual office environment so jeans are a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Some guys love a nice suit but give a nice pair of jeans any day. They’re versatile and the slightly worn in wash goes with pretty much everything (even a coat you can hardly wear), no matter the season.

Get your own pair of Mott & Bow jeans (I promise you will love them!). Your first pair is 20% off when you use code BRICKANDVINE. Get em, wear em, comment below how much you love em! Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-2 Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-9Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-3 Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-10Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-5Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-4Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-8 Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-6

Make sure to pick up your own pair of Mott & Bow jeans. Use code BRICKANDVINE at checkout and get 20% off your first pair. 


Supercharged Turmeric Tea Recipe

April 15, 2016

I’m always on the hunt for a natural way to get healthier. I’m not a big fan of medications and would always prefer to treat any ailment with proper nutrition or natural supplements. That’s why I’m so excited about this super simple Turmeric tea recipe. Turmeric has been gaining in popularity over the past couple years but has been around forever. It’s a root similar to ginger, that contains natural compounds that have numerous health benefits. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Fights cancer-causing inflammation in the body
  • Scientific studies have proven that it is as effective in treating depression as Prozac (this is insane to me)
  • Can actually inhibit cancer cells from growing
  • Can help improve brain health and memory function
  • Good for skin balance and fighting blemishes and signs of aging
  • So much more!

If you’re looking for a natural way to get a little bit healthier or could use a boost in dealing with any of the symptoms above this Turmeric tea is perfect. Or if you just like things that taste good it works for you too. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!



1/2 lemon, juiced

1 Tablespoon raw honey

1.5 teaspoon ground turmeric

1 teaspoon ground ginger

Filtered water

Directions: Juice lemon into a mug and add ground turmeric, ground ginger, and honey. Add your boiling water and stir. That’s it. You might have to stir every so often as the ground turmeric and ginger has a tendency to settle to the bottom.

Enjoy everyone!


Disclaimer: I am in no way a health professional so please consult a physician or nutritionist for personal health guidance. Turmeric can have side effects so please use discretion. Click here for more information. 

Back To Basics With Banana Republic

March 31, 2016
Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-5

For me, weather almost always dictates what I wear. I hate to be uncomfortable so you won’t often see me layering up when it’s over eighty degrees and you won’t see me in shorts unless it’s warm enough to warrant them. I really hate when you see these outfits of guys running around in a shirt and tie, sweater, and blazer and it’s supposed to just be a casual “everyday” look when it’s 100 degrees out. No, I’m more into basics. Shorts were made for a reason people—get on board and let those legs see the light of day. Normally I’m not ready for springtime and shorts but these past few months have given us a good dose of winter and even some rain so I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer months more than I would think I would be.

Every season I like to stock up on a few new staples so with the warmer months on the horizon shorts have been on my mind. This pair from Banana Republic is a great option because they have a slight dot pattern that separates them from the crowd but it’s subtle enough that it’s easy to mix and match with almost any color that’s in your wardrobe. I try to add little styled touches to simple outfits like this so I cuffed the bottom of the shorts a couple times to give them a shorter length and it just gives off the impression that you take the time to care about the details. Personally, I also think it looks better so maybe that’s why I do it? Haha.

Pairing an interesting short with another great staple, a classic baseball tee, is always recommended. Mixing in basics like the tee makes you look stylish without looking too pulled together—I don’t like taking myself and my personal style too seriously so I try to follow the high low rule religiously. Exhibit B: pairing the look with some work boots and ensuring that the socks show just a bit. All of this combines to make a perfectly pulled together look that doesn’t look like you spent hours in the mirror deciding what to wear—no one wants that.

Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-6Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-2 Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-3 Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-7Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-5Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-4 Banana Republic Spring Shorts and Tee-8


Shorts: c/o Banana Republic // Tee: c/o Banana Republic // Boots: c/o Cat Footwear // Watch: Skagen // Bomber: Gap (old)

Special thanks to Banana Republic for collaborating and providing product! All opinions expressed are my own.

Back To Backpack

March 29, 2016
Coach Menswear 2016-14

Back to school season was always a special time. It was the time of year when we would get new clothes, usually some jeans, a few shirts and couple pairs of shoes. Always a pair that I liked and one that my mom liked. I would wear the pair I liked better into the ground and then pull out the other pair and wear those into ground. More importantly, new school supplies. I’m a sucker for a fresh notebook or one of those cool binders that had all the pockets. Always have been, always will be. And you can’t forget the ever important backpack—that thing and I were attached at the hip. Shoulder? Back? Regardless we were close and a backpack was important. That is why I’m so excited about this Modern Varsity Campus Backpack from COACH. It takes me back to my childhood. But let’s be clear, this backpack is anything but childish. It’s made of pebbled leather and suede and can fit everything I need for work in it. It’s got a pocket large enough for my laptop can slide into with plenty of space to bring along everything else I need to be a functioning adult (or at least try). #adulting

The backpack is an incredible accessory all by itself but throw in these suede chukka boots and forget about it. They are ridiculously comfortable and are the perfect way to transition my love of boots into spring. They’re made of suede and leather with a cushy crepe sole and I can already tell they are quickly going to become my go to shoe this spring. I can’t wait to throw them on with shorts once pants season is over… I’ll have to tan up a bit though since right now my skin is pretty much the same color. COACH calls it Panna which means either a technique in football (soccer) or could possibly come from Panna cotta which translates to mean cooked cream. I think Coach is saying my skin is the color of cooked cream… Either way I’m beyond excited about the shoes so they can make fun of me all they want. 

Coach Menswear 2016-2Coach Menswear 2016-4Coach Menswear 2016-6Coach Menswear 2016-13Coach Menswear 2016-8Coach Menswear 2016-10Coach Menswear 2016-7Coach Menswear 2016-11Coach Menswear 2016-17Coach Menswear 2016-12Coach Menswear 2016-14Coach Menswear 2016-15Coach Menswear 2016-18


Shoes: c/o Coach // Backpack: c/o Coach

Ramblings on Life + Ice Cold Water

March 23, 2016
Cold Weather On The Go -6

It’s only just hitting me that it’s almost April. I’m not one that was all 2016’s going to be my year by any means but I feel like this year is just whizzing by. I guess it’s alright I suppose since I’m not a big fan of the first months of the year anyways. The good months are really coming up. Spring and those sunny, but still cooler days. Maybe even a day down by the water? Lighter layers and boxing up all of my bulky sweaters until I need them next winter. The other big thing that comes with Spring is spring cleaning. Does anyone else feel like they are always cleaning? Sheesh it’s just a constant cycle of dusting, wiping, etc. and then you still end up with an okay clean space? What’s that all about? I’m determined to get control over our house in the coming weeks and really figure this whole having a clean house at all times thing out. That’s real, isn’t it? sigh

I’ve been taking a lot of my own photos recently which is why they’re all up against this dull gray wall. That’s also why you can see the camera remote in a few of my pictures. What, am I expected to take the photo and hide the remote? It’s too much for one man! Hopefully my wife and I will get back in the game and start finding some new locations other than the side of our house. Until then the gray wall stays. But for this look in particular it’s somewhat fitting. It was a gloomy day, one of the few we have here in So Cal and I happened to be wearing all black and gray so it makes sense. You can’t go wrong with the combo obviously and I grabbed my handy dandy Takeya Thermoflask™ to get in on the action. I happen to work for them so I’m probably a little biased, but if you like water (which you should unless you’re like a cactus), you should definitely check them out. This guy keeps drinks cold all day long which is key to keeping my hydrated because I can’t stand room temperature water and don’t even get me started on hot water that’s been sitting in a car… 

Side note, I’m forcing myself to get more into Snapchat so give me a follow: bricknvine

Cold Weather On The Go -3Cold Weather On The Go -7Cold Weather On The Go -2 On the go style and hydrationCold Weather On The Go -5 Cold Weather On The Go -6


Jeans: Mott & Bow (use code BRICKANDVINE at checkout for 20% off your first pair) // Boots: c/o Volcom // Bottle: Takeya

Wood + Style = HUDWOOD

March 22, 2016

Wood has and always will be a classic material for all sorts of items; it’s sturdy, it’s elegant, and it’s natural. I’m in love with the fact that wood has steadily been entering the world of menswear in the form of accessories. Introducing HUDWOOD, a company taking the natural beauty of wood and transforming it into stylish accessories for the urban man on the go. They focus on the stylish guy’s everyday carry, creating beautifully crafted items any man would carry with pride. 

Their minimalist wood wallets come with interchangeable bands so you can mix it up every once in a while which feeds my need for customization, but my favorite part about the wallets is that it includes a coin box which is something I’ve never seen on other similar slim wallets. A slim, stylish wallet that can carry your change too? That’s something unique. The wallet can hold the coin box + 3-8 cards + cash or remove the coin box and it can hold 9-13 cards + cash. That’s more than enough space to store anything any guy is carrying around in his wallet. 

Another great piece HUDWOOD has engineered is a wood and metal carabiner for your keys. Now you can avoid stuffing your pockets with a overwhelming amount of keys and securely carry them on your belt loop or clipped onto a bag. They’re available in 3 styles and, while lightweight, are sturdy and strong enough to hold a substantial amount. 

Both the wallets and the carabiners are available in three wood grains/colors and, since they’re made of wood, no two items are identical. It’s just as nature intended. 

Check out the HUDWOOD Kickstarter campaign (they’ve already exceeded their goal) and stay tuned for their official launch! 

Hudwood_details_hi_resHudwood walletIMG_8950Hudwood_set

In Defense of My Very Full Closet

March 16, 2016
Varsity Blues Inspired-8

My wife and I love clothes. It’s a fact. Ask any of our friends or family members and they will certainly begin down a lengthy, albeit hilarious, rant of how we have too many clothes, not enough closet space, an at-times scary habit of buying anything and everything we think we need, etc. My argument in return however (actually make that two arguments) is that while we spend money on clothes we are both very frugal about almost everything else in our lives and we also only spend money on investment pieces that we can wear and re-wear for years. We either shop smart at affordable clothing stores/sites for pieces that we won’t feel bad about giving away in a year or so, or we invest in good quality pieces that we know will hang proudly in our overstuffed closets for years to come. Simple as that. 

My other defense for my overflowing closet is that I truly wear about 75-80% of my closet consistently. This outfit is a perfect example. This sweater is from 2007 or 2008, same with the shirt. Every fall/winter I pull this sweater back out and get a few good wears out of it while this gingham chambray shirt gets worn throughout the year a dozen or so times. I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping them in good condition and I neatly hang and pack them away when not in use. I can say that for a the majority of my closet so if you’re telling me that I have to look at these pieces that have been so supportive to me for years and tell them that they’ve got to go… well that’s just something I won’t do. 🙂 

These Mott&Bow jeans while not nearly a decade old like the rest of my look, are truly amazing pants. They are soft, comfortable and are hands down my favorite brand of jeans. My collection of Mott&Bow jeans has expanded over the last year or so to the point that if I’m wearing jeans you can pretty much bet that they’re Mott&Bow.

Shop all their fits and washes here, and tell them I sent you. Use code BRICKANDVINE at checkout and get 20% off your first pair! Tag me in your Instagram pics wearing your very own Mott&Bow jeans so I can check them out! 

Varsity Blues Inspired-1Varsity Blues Inspired-7Varsity Blues Inspired-2 Varsity Blues Inspired-8Varsity Blues Inspired-4 Varsity Blues Inspired-3 Varsity Blues Inspired-6

Cocktails, FOOD&DRINK

Wine Time With Robert Mondavi Private Selection

March 2, 2016
Robert Mondavi Private Selection-5

Anyone who knows me knows that I love wine. I tend to have at least two glasses most nights (and obviously weekends call for an extra glass or two because weekends, duh). My wine fridge is always stocked up with a selection and I’ve got more wine glasses than a Crate & Barrel. So naturally when I stumble upon a genuinely unique bottle of wine I’m like a giddy little kid and more than happy to give it a swirl (wine pun intended). This particular bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon is a special one and I can’t wait to have another glass.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-1

Each bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Selection starts with quality grapes picked at the peak of ripeness and blended and aged to perfection in true Robert Mondavi style. Then the magic happens. They take a portion of the wine and let it age in 100% American oak Bourbon barrels, some new and some used, so it picks up this great smoky taste that mixes with the fruitiness of the Cabernet.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-3

Fun fact: Bourbon barrels are charred to give Bourbon its smoky flavor. So I’m sure you can imagine the cool flavor it adds to a wine known for its notes of cherry and blackberry. It really is such a good combination—one that you’ve got to try to understand. And don’t worry if you’re not a Bourbon fan, this is a Cabernet through and through, it’s got a more complex flavor but retains super smooth taste.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-7 They recommend pairing this Cabernet with grilled ribs or a charcuterie plate which just speaks to its versatility and I take to mean I can drink all day everyday. But you’ve got to act quickly as they only made a small amount. Get your hands on a bottle.  Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-10 Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine-12

For this post I was provided Robert Mondavi Private Selection; however, all views and opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor. To become a sponsor or get a review written for you, please feel free to reach out

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