I Stand Corrected (maybe)

November 26, 2014
Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 3

Fact: I am rarely seen in public in sweatpants because I have this notion that while you should feel comfortable you shouldn’t look comfortable. Does that make sense? I am anti leaving the house in clothes that you could paint in (does that clarify?). However, this outfit has got me questioning my logic a bit… These pants are incredibly comfortable (oh my, so comfortable) and, when styled correctly, can be the perfect substitute for a pair of respectable pants any day. Staying in the realm of comfort I added these awesome New Balance sneakers which I am in love with. Maybe it’s the fact that they feel like I’m only wearing cushioned socks, or maybe it’s the added level of security they give me knowing that no matter how dark it is I will always be seen by oncoming traffic… No matter the reason, I love these shoes. I added the CPO jacket to make it a little less sporty and little more lumbersexual (yes, it’s a real term).

So perhaps I stand corrected on this idea of leaving the house in sweats, but next time you go to do so think about what I said earlier… could you paint in these? If your answer is yes, maybe opt for a more stylish sweat and style the hell out of them.

Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 4Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 2Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 1 Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 5 Terry Sweats and CPO Jacket 6


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East Dane: Go Big or Go Home This Holiday

November 25, 2014

Holiday shopping has officially begun and to celebrate East Dane is throwing their largest sale of the year. No joke, they’ve got me filling my shopping cart up and sending links to everyone I know asking them to take advantage. Above is what I’ve got in my cart so far… do I need three new jackets? Yes! I probably need more shoes and pants though… Regardless, I will keep working on my cart, but here’s how you can start filling up yours: Starting today through Monday, December 1st at 9pm EST you can get 15% off $250, 20% off $500, and 25% off $1,000 or more. Just let that sink in a bit (feel free to reread in case you think you misread). So start adding things to your holiday wish list or, better yet, grab your friends and start loading up to make the most of this deal (and remember to use discount code GOBIG14 and if use your Amazon Prime account for Prime shipping!) Find out more here!



In case anyone wants to buy any of these for me… see below ;)


The Old Standby

November 13, 2014
Black Flannel and Denim 3

A last look from my weekend getaway… Anyone who has been following along knows that I love mixing black and brown. I love that at one point in time mixing colors like this was a fashion taboo (or at least my grandmother told me so). But these days there are no rules and look how awesome things can turn out. Switching gears, my favorite thing about cooler weather is this sweater. I got it last year and, even though I wore it near death, it has survived for another season. It has everything a perfect sweater should have: a shawl, a cardigan, a waffle/chunky knit, pockets, and it’s cotton (the shoppable link below is cashmere so that’s even nicer). It has become my go-to sweater and I’m so happy it’s alive and well and ready for a comeback.

Black Flannel and Denim 2Black Flannel and Denim 1Black Flannel and Denim 4

And those are my looks from our trip to Santa Barbara. If you are ever up in the area might I suggest staying at the amazingly charming Hotel Milo. It was perfect. Black Flannel and Denim 5

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Blue & Tan

November 12, 2014
Rustic Dime Navy Chambray 5

Looks from my Santa Barbara getaway continue this week and these Rustic Dime joggers made a repeat appearance, this time in khaki. Not sure I mentioned in my last post, but Rustic Dime denim is made in Los Angeles which is pretty extraordinary considering they’re only $56 a pair. They truly are the perfect pant for all seasons–the fit, fabric, and colors are awesome! I love having options when I’m getting dressed and these joggers have made themselves quite at home in my wardrobe already. Paired with a denim workshirt and you’ve got the perfect casual outfit that is light on effort but heavy on style.

Rustic Dime Navy Chambray 1 Rustic Dime Navy Chambray 2 Rustic Dime Navy Chambray 3 Rustic Dime Navy Chambray 4

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Weekend Web Browsing /06

November 9, 2014
Wine Glass photo


Here are my favorite links from the past few weeks… Enjoy and happy Sunday! :)

This week was hard. One night I was wishing that Friday Night Lights had decided it was returning to television. The next day I stumbled upon this and it is (almost) like my prayers were answered.

I don’t want to like Nicki Minaj, but sometimes her songs can be pretty catchy. And while I actually don’t like her “Anaconda” this GQ article is definitely worth a read. She’s (apparently) not just an ass. ;)

Technology has helped us make some great strides, right? Wrong! When you read this it will remind you of how far we have to go.

I used to work for J.Crew as a personal shopper. It was a great job. In some senses it was more along the lines of what I would like to do than what I do now. And I met my wife there, so I can’t complain about my years at J.Crew one bit. This look into J.Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler’s brain is definitely an interesting read. His perspective on the fashion retail landscape is always worth taking the time to read.

Do you ever get jealous of the homes on your favorite TV shows? Me too… Revenge comes to mind. Recreate the looks here.

Ever wanted to drink fall? Yes? Me too! Check out these apple cider cocktails.

And in other J.Crew news (and for a good laugh) check out Drunk J.Crew on Tumblr. It is absolutely hilarious.



Winter Travel Essentials

November 6, 2014

Travel in the winter is far more difficult than in warmer months. In the summer you can throw a few swim trunks and tee shirts in a bag and be off but in the winter you’ve got to account for the weather and any given situation where it might interfere with your activities. Here are a few winter travel essentials that can help ease the pain of sloshing around during the cooler months:

Wheelmen & Co. Heritage Duffle

Whether you’re only traveling for the weekend or your headed off for a longer trip, every guy can find a use for a good duffle bag. The Wheelmen & Co. Heritage Duffle is made of rugged cotton duck canvas and features a water-resistant oiled leather bottom, military-grade rubber panelling, and waterproof zippers. Safe to say that no moisture is getting inside this bad boy. Plus, in addition to the large main compartment it has an external shoe pocket, to keep your shoes separate from your clothes. Genius!

The Wheelman & Co. Heritage Duffle is made of rugged #8 cotton duck canvas and features a water-resistant oiled leather bottom, military-grade rubber panelling, waterproof zippers, a large main compartment and an external shoe pocket, to keep your wingtips separate from your clothes.

Wool Cashmere Topcoat in Camel

Topcoats are the must-have outerwear piece of 2014 and you can find them at all price points. A nice black or charcoal is always classic but this is the year of camel so go beige and pick up this J.Crew version for less than $500.

Ulterior Motive Nylon Hexagon Card Case

When travelling you don’t want to end up hauling around a bunch of receipts or unnecessary items in your wallet–mine is always full of junk. Streamline your travel with a nice slim card case to carry your ID, credit cards and some cash–on the essentials. This Ulterior Motive case has five pockets for keeping all your important belongings close at hand and has just the right amount of detail to show off when you pull it out of your pocket.

Wide Brim Fedora

A nice hat is great when traveling as it can completely transform a look. Besides, wide brim hats are 100% on trend right now. In Southern California you don’t find a whole lot of need for a wide brim hat, but I wanted to pick one up because I love the look so much. I recently picked this one up at Target for $17 which is a great way to try out a trend before fully committing.

Leather Chelsea Boots

A great boot works so well when traveling in the fall/winter because they can be worn casually or dressed up depending on what the occasion calls for. A nice Chelsea boot can mix well with a multitude of outfits and can be packed easier than bringing both a casual boot and a dress boot.

Soxfords Mustopher Jones (Movember) Socks

I’m always afraid that I’m not going to bring enough socks so I always pack an extra pair or two. Stock up on these Soxfords socks because during the month of November, in honor in Movember, Soxfords will donate 20% of the sale of each of their popular Mustohpher Jones socks to men’s health causes.


Wool Scarf 

I know this doesn’t need to be said but for those who don’t get out much in the winter a scarf is definitely an essential. They not only keep your neck warm but is perhaps the number one way to add a stylish pop to a winter outfit. I personally love this ikat print one:


Got a favorite winter travel essential? Let me know about it below! :)


A Classic Combination

November 5, 2014

The weather in Santa Barbara this past weekend was cool and crisp, but sunny and bright. A true California fall. While in Santa Barbara I was inspired by all of the Spanish architecture and design influences (particularly these painted tiles), so I paired these mustard-yellow chinos with this Ulterior Motive tie. The tie is a great staple fit for any season and can be thrown into almost any mix. I love the colors together… not only does it mimic the Spanish tile color scheme but throw on a tweed blazer and I’d be ready for prep school. This was a perfect outfit to do a little exploring while in town and even though there’s a tie involved, I left the shirt untucked to keep it somewhat relaxed and casual.

Ulterior Motive Tie 5Ulterior Motive Tie 2Ulterior Motive Tie 1Ulterior Motive Tie 3 Ulterior Motive Tie 4Ulterior Motive Tie 6

Buy the Look: Tie | c/o Ulterior Motive  ||  Pants | Gap  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Boots | Cole Haan (similar)


The Only Joggers You’ll Ever Need

November 4, 2014

To celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary, my wife and I headed up the coast to beautiful Santa Barbara. We ate, we drank wine, we ate some more and then we ate again (with wine of course). Aside from eating we took a break from the warm weather of southern California and enjoyed the cooler weather along the central coast. I got to put my new Rustic Dime joggers into action and I would highly recommend them. I’ve been looking for a pair of joggers for a while and these totally fit my list of requirements. They are not only comfortable but fit how I want… I hate when they get saggy in the butt and lose their shape becoming unrecognizable as a true pair of pants. Plus they come in a variety of colors and textures making them the perfect pant for any season. And at $56 they will not break the bank either. I paired them with a sweatshirt and this denim bomber, of which I was having a hard time figuring out how to wear. Enter these pants and all my problems were solved. Ta-da!

Rustic Dime and Denim Bomber 1 Rustic Dime and Denim Bomber 2 Rustic Dime and Denim Bomber 3 Rustic Dime and Denim Bomber 4 Rustic Dime and Denim Bomber 5 Rustic Dime and Denim Bomber 6


BUY THE LOOK | Pants: C/O Rustic Dime  //  Jacket: Gap  //  Sweatshirt: J.Crew  //  Boots: Cole Haan (similar)  //  Watch: Citizen Eco Drive  //  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


Tovar SS15 Preview

October 30, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to test out some pieces from the SS15 collection for Tovar. Tovar, named after a family of explorers in the 1700s that trekked across the Americas, is for the modern day trailblazer and aims to take the everyday wardrobe to the next level. Their collections are filled with items that every guy could find a place for in their closet and easily work into a stylish rotation. The micro-print shirt paired perfectly with the black linen shorts which had a slight sheen to them, making them stand out from any old pair of black shorts. Both pieces are made from lightweight materials and are perfect for the guy who values function as much as form (that’s me!).  The thing I love most about these Tovar pieces is the way they made me feel; they have an undeniable edge that made me feel cooler than I certainly am. I would highly recommend getting your hands on some of their items, whether you are looking for anything from high quality staples to edgy outerwear. Since you can’t get anything from their SS15 collection yet, make sure you check out their amazing fall collection on Revolve. A couple of my favorites are below:


Tovar Raiden Jacket


Tovar Gary Shirt




Fanatics MLB Game Day Look

October 29, 2014

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not a huge sports guy. However, I can always get on board with watching sports whether in person or on television at home so I decided to build my best game day outfit in celebration of the MLB World Series. Now I know the San Francisco Giants just won the World Series (Congrats!) and the Pirates were never in contention, but the Pittsburgh Pirates hold a bit of sentimental value for me. My grandfather was from Pittsburgh and was a big Pirates fan. I own a vintage Pittsburgh Pirates jacket that he passed down to me so there is a little history there with that team. I wanted to build my look around a vintage-inspired baseball hat so I shopped around over at Fanatics. They have a huge selection on sports and team apparel whether you’re looking for something for football, baseball, Nascar, hockey, soccer… the list goes on. I found the perfect hat and finished the look:


I chose this Pirates baseball hat  because I love it in the Pirates gold. If you’re going to watch the game you’ve got to be comfortable so I started with a relaxed jogger in black (the perfect foundation for a Pirates game) and added a lightweight knit that would allow for full range of motion come those exciting moments of the game. I finished it off with these eighties-inspired Nike sneakers, and of course a pair of golf socks to show some subtle but strong support for the team. And for the ultimate sports fan the look can be completed with the Pirates bracelets. I would definitely rock this outfit game day or not since sports and team-inspired apparel is an ever-growing trend. Make sure to check out the baseball hats over at Fanatics to ease into the trend and go team go!

Buy the outfit: Hat | Fanatics  ||  Bracelets | Fanatics  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Pants | J.Crew  ||  Shoes | Nike  ||  Socks | Soxfords

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