Spring Striped Henley 4

Still Time For Summer Stripes

Summer may soon be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get in some stripes and sneakers. Nothing can beat a lightweight henley and a colorful short in the summer, especially when the shorts have a subtle pleat that makes them almost as comfortable as PJs. And while you may not want to don a sailor stripe come fall, there’s still time to sneak them in now. Summer’s not over folks so go get the most out of your summer wardrobe before you have to pack it away… who am I kidding? I’m so ready for fall.

Spring Striped Henley 2Spring Striped Henley 3 Spring Striped Henley 4 Spring Striped Henley 5 Spring Striped Henley

Shorts | H&M (similar)  ||  Henley | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Shoes | Pro-Keds (similar)  ||  Watch | Timex

Malibu Cafe Barrel

Weekend Web Browsing /02

What are you all up to this weekend? I’m heading to Vegas with my wife and some friends to see Britney Spears in concert.  Should be epic!

Here’s a gathering of some of my favorite links and articles if you’re I to late night (or sometimes early morning) web browsing. Enjoy

This week we lost the great Robin Williams. Here are some little known facts about the legend who will be greatly missed.

Addicted to coffee like me? Then you’ll love these tips for ways to repurpose your used coffee grounds (number is my favorite).

I’m always looking for ways to keep my productivity up while I’m at work and this new technique might be the best thing I’ve stumbled upon. Putting it in action starting Monday.

Looking to eat healthier? Here is a collection of foods that a group of physicians and fitness experts eat daily. I can’t wait to try the hummus curry dressing!

District Denim Jacket 3

One T-Shirt: 5 Days, 5 Ways – Day #5

It’s day five! Going off of yesterday’s look and the idea of layering another great way to get the most wear out of your t-shirt, especially as we begin to move into fall  is to layer it under a jacket. Whether it’s a denim jacket like I’ve got on here, which has a casual, cool effect, or layered under a blazer, which gives off a more dapper, but equally cool vibe. I added the mint green chinos to keep it light and summery but added the Cat boots because I love boots and it gives the look a little edge.

District Denim Jacket 1 District Denim Jacket 2 District Denim Jacket 3 District Denim Jacket 4

And, that’s it. One t-shirt and five way to wear it. I thought it would be difficult but I can still think of tons of ways to get use out of this awesome t-shirt so keep an eye out for it in the future!

T-Shirt | c/o District  ||  Pants | J.Crew  ||  Denim Jacket | J.Crew  ||  Boots | c/o Cat Footwear  ||  Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

District Tee Shorts Sweater 7

One T-Shirt: 5 Days, 5 Ways – Day #4

When looking for ways to get the most use out of something as simple as a t-shirt never forget the power of layering. And since the weather is still warm (quite warm where I’m at actually), lightweight t-shirts make it possible to layer without overheating which can lead to spontaneous combustion. Adding this District Clothing microburn v-neck under this sweater provides a little interest as well as a barrier between my skin and the wool sweater which is a big deal for those of us that are sensitive to the itch of wool as well as the added heat wool can bring. The patent penny loafers give the look a much-needed dose of dapper which is good because I can’t bring myself to walk around in a blazer or layered up very often during the summer.

District Tee Shorts Sweater 1 District Tee Shorts Sweater 2 District Tee Shorts Sweater 3 District Tee Shorts Sweater 4 District Tee Shorts Sweater 5 District Tee Shorts Sweater 7

T-Shirt | District  ||  Shorts | J.Crew  ||  Sweater | J.Crew  ||  Shoes | Sperry Topsider (similar)  ||  Watch | Asos  ||  Sunglasses | RayBan  ||  Belt | Vintage Cole Haan

District Casual Drawstring Shorts 4

One T-Shirt: 5 Days, 5 Ways – Day #3

When it comes to wearing a t-shirt the obvious choice would be to keep it comfortable. After all isn’t that the point of a t-shirt? It’s not supposed to feel confining, or itchy, or heavy… it’s supposed to feel soft, light, and breathable. That’s exactly what this District tee is all about. I chose to pair it with these drawstring cotton shorts which take the comfort of shorts and a t-shirt to a whole new level. Adding a sneaker like these Jack Purcells creates the epitome of what a comfortable “shorts and a tee” sort of outfit should look (and feel) like.

District Casual Drawstring Shorts 1 District Casual Drawstring Shorts 2 District Casual Drawstring Shorts 3 District Casual Drawstring Shorts 4 District Casual Drawstring Shorts 5

T-Shirt | c/o District  ||  Shorts | Urban Outfitters (similar)  ||  Shoes | Jack Purcells  ||  Watch | Timex

To see more of the District 5 Days, 5 Ways Campaign, check out Day #1 and Day #2

Hawaii VSCO effect

Weekend Web Browsing / 01

I’ve started collecting my favorite links from the week and compiling them here. They will make for some interesting reading if you’re bored on the weekend and need some help navigating the internet (sometimes don’t you wish someone would just point out the interesting stuff for you?).

Hawaii VSCO effect

Turns out some of my favorite foods (tomatoes, salmon, red wine, etc.) are on the list of foods that will help you stay looking young. Who knew?

There are some lost Dr. Seuss stories that were discovered and about to be published. Critics say they aren’t all that great but I’m dying to read them anyways.

Details painstakingly tasted over 500 new gins to decide which 13 are worth trying. The bottle design alone on some of them makes them worth purchasing.

These amazing watercolors of fruits and veggies doing yoga may actually get me to go try it. Buy them here.

An alarm clock that brews a cup of coffee to wake you up. Pourover no less. MUST. HAVE.

This is a must read: Fashionable Outfits broken down by two men, one straight and one gay.


District Clothing Microburn Black Denim 4

One T-Shirt: 5 Days, 5 Ways – Day 2

Day 2 brought a completely different look than Day 1. A great way to get the most wear out of a t-shirt is to elevate it—let it come out and play for a night out! For this look leave the shorts and the sneakers in the closet and grab a great pair of dark denim. These black jeans pair great with this District microburn v-neck and create a look that is effortless but still has a little edge. Add a dressier pair of shoes like these double monk straps and you’ve got yourself a great look to enjoy an evening out (or in for you homebodies). And the best part? You’re still wearing a comfortable t-shirt. MIND. BLOWN.

District Clothing Microburn Black Denim 1 District Clothing Microburn Black Denim 2 District Clothing Microburn Black Denim 3 District Clothing Microburn Black Denim 4 District Clothing Microburn Black Denim 5

Tee | c/o District Clothing  ||  Jeans | c/o BOGA  ||  Shoes | old (similar)  ||  Watch | c/o Rakani

District Clothing Tee Jean Cutoffs 3

One T-Shirt: Five Days, Five Ways – Day 1

When District clothing approached me to be a part of their One T-Shirt: Five Days, Five Ways campaign I was a little nervous about how I would begin to style one t-shirt five different ways. That is until I remembered that a tee is perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing a guy can own. The most important part is investing in a good quality, great-fitting tee that, most importantly, is comfortable—it is a t-shirt after all!

District Clothing Tee Jean Cutoffs 1

This District Microburn V-Neck Tee is the perfect base for any great look. It is lightweight, breathable and has this great texture that looks great layered or completely on its own. Here is a look that shows a simple way to elevate a basic v-neck tee but still maintain the casual essence that should come with a t-shirt. I kept it simple with some denim cutoffs and camo sneakers but added the striped short-sleeve shirt for a little preppy juxtaposition, and there you have it. An easy way to take a shorts and t-shirt outfit to the next level. Make sure to stay tuned for four more ways to wear this amazing t-shirt!

District Clothing Tee Jean Cutoffs 2District Clothing Tee Jean Cutoffs 3 District Clothing Tee Jean Cutoffs 4Tee | District Clothing  ||  Shorts | vintage  ||  Shirt | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Shoes | Vans

The Truth About Coffee (c/o Design Taxi)

Perusing the internet late at night is a dangerous pastime of mine… one minute it’s 9 o’clock and I’m clicking on the Google Chrome button and the next it’s after midnight and I suddenly realize that not only did I not respond to that one email which was the purpose of me getting on my laptop in the first place, but I have yet again missed out on getting a good night’s sleep. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow night, right? Ahh the life of a procrastinator…

However, how can one simply close the laptop and go to bed when you know there is so much out there… so many gems just waiting to be clicked on. Like this infographic from Design Taxi that combines my love of coffee and my love of sarcasm into one simplistically elegant graphic. So I hope that you too stay up for hours and stumble upon this and get some pleasure in having found a nugget of interest out here on the world wide web.

Check it out… then go to bed.

Boga and Black 1

Black is the New Black

Nothing beats black when it comes to a night out. I wore this for a casual night out with some friends and it was the perfect way to spend a summer night enjoying some cocktails and good company. I have never worn a pair of jeans as comfortable as this BOGA cone black denim pair. They have the perfect amount of stretch so I was comfortable all night long. The attention to detail and focus on fit for BOGA’s denim collection ensures that no matter your build or body type they will be able to provide you with a perfect pair of jeans. The “Jack” fit is works great on my body and provides the perfect amount of skinny that I look for in a great jean.

Boga and Black 2Boga and Black 1Boga and Black 3 Boga and Black 4 Boga and Black 5

Jeans | c/o BOGA  ||  Shirt | Topman  ||  Shoes | Cole Haan (similar)  ||  Watch | Asos

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