Tovar SS15 Preview

October 30, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to test out some pieces from the SS15 collection for Tovar. Tovar, named after a family of explorers in the 1700s that trekked across the Americas, is for the modern day trailblazer and aims to take the everyday wardrobe to the next level. Their collections are filled with items that every guy could find a place for in their closet and easily work into a stylish rotation. The micro-print shirt paired perfectly with the black linen shorts which had a slight sheen to them, making them stand out from any old pair of black shorts. Both pieces are made from lightweight materials and are perfect for the guy who values function as much as form (that’s me!).  The thing I love most about these Tovar pieces is the way they made me feel; they have an undeniable edge that made me feel cooler than I certainly am. I would highly recommend getting your hands on some of their items, whether you are looking for anything from high quality staples to edgy outerwear. Since you can’t get anything from their SS15 collection yet, make sure you check out their amazing fall collection on Revolve. A couple of my favorites are below:


Tovar Raiden Jacket


Tovar Gary Shirt




Fanatics MLB Game Day Look

October 29, 2014

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not a huge sports guy. However, I can always get on board with watching sports whether in person or on television at home so I decided to build my best game day outfit in celebration of the MLB World Series. Now I know the San Francisco Giants just won the World Series (Congrats!) and the Pirates were never in contention, but the Pittsburgh Pirates hold a bit of sentimental value for me. My grandfather was from Pittsburgh and was a big Pirates fan. I own a vintage Pittsburgh Pirates jacket that he passed down to me so there is a little history there with that team. I wanted to build my look around a vintage-inspired baseball hat so I shopped around over at Fanatics. They have a huge selection on sports and team apparel whether you’re looking for something for football, baseball, Nascar, hockey, soccer… the list goes on. I found the perfect hat and finished the look:


I chose this Pirates baseball hat  because I love it in the Pirates gold. If you’re going to watch the game you’ve got to be comfortable so I started with a relaxed jogger in black (the perfect foundation for a Pirates game) and added a lightweight knit that would allow for full range of motion come those exciting moments of the game. I finished it off with these eighties-inspired Nike sneakers, and of course a pair of golf socks to show some subtle but strong support for the team. And for the ultimate sports fan the look can be completed with the Pirates bracelets. I would definitely rock this outfit game day or not since sports and team-inspired apparel is an ever-growing trend. Make sure to check out the baseball hats over at Fanatics to ease into the trend and go team go!

Buy the outfit: Hat | Fanatics  ||  Bracelets | Fanatics  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Pants | J.Crew  ||  Shoes | Nike  ||  Socks | Soxfords


Warby Parker X 826

October 28, 2014

Everyone knows that Warby Parker reinvented the way people shop for glasses, allowing shoppers to try on both optical eyeglasses and sunglasses from home at an affordable price. Now they’ve teamed up with 826LA & 826NYC to help reinvent the way people think about giving back. 826 is a nonprofit organization that understands that strong writing skills are essential to a successful future and provides one-on-one attention to children in their 8 tutoring centers across the country.

As someone with a creative writing degree and a passion for all things creative, the mission of 826 is something I find very important. In support of this pro-imaginative organization, Warby Parker will have special edition pairs of their Kidd optical eyeglasses and sunglasses in their Los Angeles and New York City retail stores, as well as online. The Kidd frame is the perfect combination of classic and cool and will work well in all wardrobes, and at only $95 can fit into any budget. I mean look at these kids rocking the Kidd… if only I could be so cool.

Warby Parker is also sponsoring two original publications showcasing students’ work: The Review from 826NYC features poems, short stories, and essays contributed by their program students, and 826LA’s Activity Book, a digest of prompts and projects for kids. Proceeds from book purchases go back to 826.

Head into your local Warby Parker store (if you are in the LA or NYC areas) or check them out online.


Sneaker Season

October 22, 2014

The sneaker trend is here to stay (at least for another season) and I have to say that it’s alright with me. Although this pair is a year or so old, their classic preppy look is timeless and can easily be worked into to any wardrobe, no matter the season. I know a short sleeve shirt isn’t traditional fall garb but when it’s still in the eighties you make do. Since it is still so warm here I tried playing with autumn tones and colors as opposed to autumn layers and I think it worked out just fine. Soon I’ll get to dive head first into my fall wardrobe, right? Oh crap, just looked at the weather and it in the eighties as far as the eye can see… :(

Sneaker Season 1 Sneaker Season 2 Sneaker Season 3 Sneaker Season 4 Sneaker Season 5 Sneaker Season 6

Pants: J.Crew //  Shirt: Old Navy (similar) //  Shoes: Pro-Keds


Weekend web browsing /05

October 18, 2014


I’m heading out to Utah to visit my grandparents this weekend… Nothing like taking a break from the day to day with a little road trip! In case you need some nice reads for the weekend, check some of these out.

If you are at all interested in content marketing like I am this article is a must-read. Wonder how the ALS ice bucket challenge was so successful? Find out here! It could take you all weekend just to explore all of the sites it mentions checking out but it is some interesting reading.

Here is how not to look like an ass at work as it relates to your style choices. You’re welcome!

Looking to cut coffee out of your life? Yes? Please leave. But if you are looking for another way to get more energy check out these carb-filled energy providers.

No matter where you live there is no denying that we all enjoy a nice drink from time to time. But which state is hungover the most? Find out here. Psst it’s not California (we’re #36)


In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (you should by the way), you may have missed that East Dane is running a friends and family discount and Saturday is the last day. Go get to shopping and make sure to use code FAMILY25 to get the deal.



Tailor4Less: Affordable Bespoke Clothing

October 13, 2014
Tailor4Less Outfit 2

When it comes to shopping I want my experience to be easy, especially when shopping online. I don’t want to have to hunt too long to find what I’m looking for. And, most importantly, I want to know that when I hit the submit button at the end of my online shopping journey I will be confident in the products being delivered to my home. With Tailor4Less that is exactly what you will get. I was approached to put their unique shopping experience to the test and I have to say that I am beyond pleased.

Tailor4Less Outfit 6

Not only do they have a huge selection of customizable clothing (I’m talking shirts, suits, pants, etc.) but the degree to which you can customize is incredible. I mean there are 8 cuff options to choose from! I started with this great polka dot print because it was something that was lacking in my wardrobe. I customized my collar, cuff, breast pocket, placket, bottom, and back pleat. I even added my monogram at the cuff for a shirt that could not be more perfect for me if it tried. Did I mention you can customize the button hole thread? I went with black but would definitely try a different color next time. Then you enter in your measurements or you can use their quicker automatic sizing guide that I found highly accurate. I have to say that if you are searching for an affordable bespoke clothier, Tailor4Less provides a great quality garment at a great price with an entirely unique shopping experience. Definitely take them for a spin!

Tailor4Less Outfit 2Tailor4Less Outfit 1 Tailor4Less Outfit 3 Tailor4Less Outfit 4 Tailor4Less Outfit 5

Shirt | c/o Tailor4Less  ||  Pants | J.Crew  ||  Shoes | J.Crew  ||  Tie | J.Crew  ||  Watch | Citizen


Bring the Brights Back

October 1, 2014
Bright and Burnished 2

Just because fall fashion is in full swing doesn’t mean that you can’t rock some bright colors. Stand out and keep summer inspired brights in your wardrobe year round. It will not only give your style a much-needed injection of color but help you avoid the dull, depressed color palette that can come with the fall and winter seasons. Now I know that we are a ways away from that end of season depression setting in, but set the tone now and bring the brights back to the fall season. Good habits start today!

Bright and Burnished 5Bright and Burnished 1 Bright and Burnished 2 Bright and Burnished 3 Bright and Burnished 4

Jeans | Levis  ||  Shirt | J.Crew Factory (similar)  ||  Boots | c/o Cat Footwear 


Fantasizing About Fall

September 16, 2014
Paisley Tie 1

An end of summer wedding can be hard to dress for. It’s outside. It’s hot. It’s humid. And even though it’s fall in the fashion world, there is no way you are going to put on a heavy wool suit. Dressing for the heat for me is always about how to get the most of a look that involves the least amount of layers. These cotton dress pants paired with a classic white, spread-collar shirt are a great lightweight base. Adding the warm-toned paisley tie was about as fall as I could get given the 90 degree heat. Summer, I love you, but here’s hoping it starts to cool down in the near future so that I can unpack my sweaters and wool pants from storage.

Paisley Tie 3Paisley Tie 1 Paisley Tie 2 Paisley Tie 4

Pants | H&M  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Tie | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Shoes | Cole Haan (similar)  ||  Watch | Asos  ||  Tie Clip | J.Crew  ||  Belt | J.Crew (similar)


Weekend Web Browsing /04

September 13, 2014
Vine Building

Southern California is experiencing a heat wave so while some of you in cooler states might be venturing outside, here we are staying where the air conditioning is blowing. Enjoy some of my favorite links from the past week (or two).

This house is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t mind throwing a party or two on those balconies. When I showed it to my nephew he thought it was creepy. Creepy or cool? You be the judge:

Ever wondered if you aren’t getting enough vitamins? Are you sure you aren’t getting enough vitamins but don’t know how to fix it. Here are the answers. 

Summer is coming to a close and it’s always this time of year that I decide to try and get in shape. I don’t know why… And even though sweater season is on the horizon here is an ab workout that I’m trying to make a daily routine.

I don’t know about you, but I am personally over New York Fashion Week… I’m ready for my Instagram feed to return to the usual posts featuring personal style and #foodie pics. But I did love seeing what good old J.Crew has in store for us next Spring. And it’s a great time of year to get some style inspiration.

This week marked the 13th anniversary of the attacks on the U.S. on September 11th. The pictures from that day are no less shocking than the first time I saw them. #neverforget

By now you’ve probably seen the hilarious way IKEA decided to announce their 2015 catalog. If not, here you are:


Camo Casual

September 10, 2014
Camo Casual 3

I read somewhere that it’s starting to cool down in some areas of the country… well it’s definitely not cooling off in Southern California, and therefore short sleeves are a must. This was the perfect outfit for a day out running around town. Now I hardly ever wear sandals so it feels weird to have a post with me in flip-flops but I’m telling you, the heat has been so unbearable that I will do anything to stay cool. Another cool tip, rolling your pants not only keeps you on trend and looking great but it also helps keep your ankles cool and get some nice airflow to your legs. The more you know. :)

Camo Casual 2Camo Casual 1 Camo Casual 3 Camo Casual 4 Camo Casual 5

Pants | Dockers (similar)  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Sandals | J.Crew (similar)  ||  Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

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