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Motivated Movement

It’s good to take a minute to relax and reassess every so often. Sometimes I sit back and think through why I’m doing all that I do. Life is busy and hectic and crazy but would I ever want…


Perfect Grooming Gift for Any Man

This year I am making an effort to bring things into my life that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We have a relatively small space and no room for excess things unless they check both boxes. Switching gears, but…


Winning with White Sneakers

Here’s something you probably already know about me: I own tons of clothes. My closet is bursting at the seams; sweaters, jeans, shoes abound. But it’s what I like (clearly) so there’s always something on my wishlist. For years (no joke,…


Polo Red: A Subtle, Spicy Scent

The new year is all about fresh starts. It gives you the chance to hit the pause button and reassess. I’ve set some overarching goals that I hope to accomplish this year, but I like finding other little ways…


Setting Intentions for 2017

I’m not big on setting New Year’s resolutions. I think because it adds a certain amount of pressure on you. Instead I try to look back at things that I think I did well in the previous year and…


My Life, Addicted to Jackets. And Socks.

My wife and I both love clothes. So what do we end up talking about a lot? Yep, clothing. So the other day I was telling her how crazy it is how many jackets I have. And how I…


It’s Winter! Time for Outerwear.

It’s officially winter! And unlike past years, this year in Southern California has been unusually cool. We’ve had a decent amount of cooler days, and by cooler I mean in the sixties (sorry guys). Plus, we’ve even had some…


Holiday Gift Guide: Last-Minute Gifts

We are officially less than 10 days away from Christmas so if you haven’t gotten your gift shopping done (I’m raising my hand) here are a few last-minute gifts to pick up for any guy on your list. Booze When…


Athleisure: How to Make Comfy Look Cool

  One thing I hear constantly from men looking for style advice is that dressing stylishly is uncomfortable. First off, put your big boy pants on because you’re not always going to be comfortable. Secondly, that’s ridiculous because I…

Nested Naturals Takeya healthy living

Surviving the Holidays Happy + Healthy

The holidays are closing in fast… Pretty soon the chaos of all this holiday planning will be going into effect. And while the holidays are nothing if not enjoyable, they come with their own set of stress and anxiety. Coordinating…