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January 14, 2015

Maroon Gingham Look 8Maroon Gingham Look 3Maroon Gingham Look 2Maroon Gingham Look 5Maroon Gingham Look 1 Maroon Gingham Look 6 Maroon Gingham Look 7

I’m getting in all the wool sweaters I can while the weather is still cool here. Enter this amazingly affordable Old Navy contrast trim crewneck. This sweater (of which I now own in 2 colors) is a great find and it feels and looks like a sweater that would cost 5 times as much. I love it layered over this ASPECD gingham shirt for a classically preppy look and the Jack Spade watch doesn’t hurt in finishing everything off. I love shopping at all ends of the spectrum (as long as I can afford it) and putting outfits together that combines items from all price brackets. Everyone needs a little variety in their closet!

SHOP THE LOOK: Sweater | Old Navy // Shirt | c/o ASPECD // Jeans | Levi’s // Boots | Cole Haan (similar) // Watch | Jack Spade (similar)


A Sweater For All Seasons

January 9, 2015

Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 1Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 3 Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 4 Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 5 Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 6Grey and Cream Shawl Cardigan 2

I’d like to introduce you to my favorite cardigan; or one of them. I have so many it really is hard to decide. But this one is definitely top ten. It’s cotton so it’s comfortable and easy to care for. It’s classic design makes it an easy-to-wear layer that I can throw on no matter the season. A year or so ago, maybe longer, it went missing. I put up posters in my local area, I called the police, to which they were rather unhelpful, I even put it on milk cartons. Maybe you saw them? I had all but given up that I would ever find it again only to see it hanging in my sister’s closet one day. She had stolen it from me because she too saw how amazing it was. I’ll take it as a compliment that I have exceptional taste and own items worthy of stealing and leave it at that. And now that it’s back in my closet I have to say I’m relieved and I’m sleeping a little more soundly. With the deep brown of the boots and the dark jeans and henley, the sweater tops off this outfit with just the right amount of contrast to create a classic winter look any lumbersexual would be lucky to wear.

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Varsity Layering

January 7, 2015

Varsity Fall Layers 4Varsity Fall Layers 1 Varsity Fall Layers 2 Varsity Fall Layers 3

And just like that, it’s warm again. The weather can change on a dime here in beautiful Southern California and while places like New York City are getting dusted with snow we are stuck with a dilemma. Do we pull our shorts and tee shirts out of storage or try to keep at this whole winter wardrobe thing? In times like these lightweight layers become key and an outfit like this becomes a man’s best friend. The layers each bring something unique to the look: the henley detail popping from under the cardigan, the added depth of the deep marsala color (Pantone’s color of the year I might add), and finally the statement varsity jacket. All bring not only a little warmth for when the sun goes behind a cloud (Cloud? Not here in So Cal), while also creating a cohesive, interesting look. You’ve got to get creative and be ready to adapt as quickly as the weather here but pieces like these make it easy.

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A New Take on a Classic, Workwear Look

January 5, 2015

Timeless Tweed Vest 1 Timeless Tweed Vest 2 Timeless Tweed Vest 3Timeless Tweed Vest 5Timeless Tweed Vest 4 Timeless Tweed Vest 6 Timeless Tweed Vest 7

This combination of flannel, tweed, and pleated trousers combines to create an awesomely classic workwear look. From the button and cuff details on the pant to the mix of the bold flannel shirt with the more subdued plaid tweed, this is an outfit that made me feel like I just walked out of a horse stable… in the best of ways of course. It echoes back to a time when these sorts of pieces were what men wore to do hard labor (not just to take pictures and blog about it). For me this was a chance to explore new ways of wearing pieces that get worn the same way all the time, as well as a way to get re-inspired about my wardrobe. So new year, new start and a new way of looking at my clothes. I tried it out and it gave these pieces new life. Got any ideas for your own wardrobe?

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My Love, Hate Relationship With Hats

December 30, 2014

Black and White Hat 4Black and White Hat 1 Black and White Hat 2Black and White Hat 5 Black and White Hat 3

Hats and I have always had our differences… I think the last time I truly enjoyed wearing a hat was when I had one of those Mickey Mouse ear hats from Disneyland with my name embroidered on the back. I’m not sure why I’m not a huge hat fan, but for one, they usually cover my hair (unless I’m wearing a visor–that was a joke) and I like my hair. Second, hats require commitment–you’re wearing that thing all day. But, the wide-brimmed fedora trend has been so tempting, I finally decided to just go for it. What the hell, we only live once, right? I took a baby step and picked up this extremely affordable hat from Target to ease into the trend and I think I might be hooked. Despite my somewhat confused relationship with hats, I have to say that I love the way this hat looks. I kept the rest of my look true to my signature style and paired it with this chunky wool sweater that I snagged on the east coast last year and I think it looks rather nice. I stepped out of my comfort zone and it paid off. I can’t wait to wear it again and try it out a different way.

What trend have you tried out lately that has paid off for you? Let me know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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When in Doubt, Do Denim

December 28, 2014

Distressed Denim on Denim 1Distressed Denim on Denim 4 Distressed Denim on Denim 3 Distressed Denim on Denim 2

I think it is pretty safe to say that I will die in denim. I wear it so often that the odds of it being what I’m wearing when I die are pretty good. Not to say I’m planning on dying anytime soon obviously, it’s more just a point on how often I can be seen in the stylish fabric. This outfit takes denim to a new level. I found myself struggling with what to wear when I pulled these old, distressed jeans on the other day and I said Why stop there? and put on more denim. I think it turned out pretty good… so keep that in mind. When in doubt always choose denim.

BUY THE LOOK: Jeans | J.Crew // Tee | H&M // Jacket | J.Crew // Shoes | J.Crew (similar) // Sunglasses | RayBan // Socks | Gap (similar)


Accessorizing With Modani Furniture

December 19, 2014

Style shouldn’t stop at your closet, it should extend itself into every aspect of your life, and that includes your living room. To me a living room always revolves around a sofa–it’s the centerpiece that all the other accessories revolve around so I chose this Phantom leather sofa (check out all their modern sofas). With its modern lines and classic leather upholstery, it is the perfect foundation to this living room. From there I chose to add the contemporary but rustic bookshelf. I love being able to display books, small vases, or potted succulents and this compartmentalized bookshelf allows for each item to stand alone while also providing necessary storage.

When I’m putting together outfits I always try to keep my looks somewhat fun and relaxed; I don’t like style that takes itself too seriously or that’s too stuffy or pulled together. Personal style should be just that–personal! So why wouldn’t you reflect that style in your home as well? Pieces like the floor pouf, coat rack, and decorative pillows help to ensure that the room has a bit of personality while the stilt-leg lamp and the shiny silver mirror add a classic elegance and only add to the eclectic nature of this living room.

Modani and Brick&Vine

Check out these pieces and more at


Holiday Cocktails & #LivingGrand With Grand Hyatt

December 18, 2014

Hyatt Event-34 closeup

The holidays are upon us (only 8 days until Christmas and I have hardly even started my Christmas shopping–yikes!) and here is a worthy cocktail sure to please any crowd. Crafted by Edgar Katzer, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at the Grand Hyatt in Berlin, this Hot Egg Bourbon exemplifies the Grand Hyatt mantra of living grandly. And believe me, Grand Hyatt knows cocktails… they serve over 100,000 glasses of wine and over 70,000 glasses of champagne for the over 1 million guests they host at the holidays. Pop, fizz, clink indeed! Check out this cocktail and let me know what you think!

Hot Egg Bourbon
1 1/3 oz. egg liqueur
2/3 oz. Rock Hills Farm bourbon whiskey
2/3 oz. Hennessy XO Cognac
3 1/3 oz. hot milk
3/8 oz. cream
1 yolk
1 ½ tsp. cane sugar


For more ways to enjoy the holidays with Grand Hyatt, check out the infographic below or explore how Grand Hyatt can help you start #livinggrand by visiting They’ve got something for everyone!



ASPECD: Perfect Fit, Perfect Experience

December 11, 2014

How many times has this happened to you? You finally work up the nerve to order something online, you wait the agonizing 5-7 days for it to arrive, you open it and it doesn’t even fit. You end up with a shirt that’s great in length but baggy through the sleeve making you look like you belong on a pirate ship in the nineteenth century. Or a shirt that’s too fitted making you look like the hulk even though you’re a size small and have never stepped foot in a gym. That’s bad enough, but even worse is the idea that clothing just is what it is and you are stuck within the confines of the 5 size world.

All this to say that I oftentimes have trouble finding shirts that fit me the way that I want. For my height I should wear a medium, but usually I have to size down to get them to fit the way I want through the body. Usually then they end up being too short making it almost impossible to keep them tucked in if I wanted. And forget buttoning that top button, it ain’t gonna happen. That is why ASPECD is the most genius brand I’ve come across in a long time. Not only do they offer almost twice as many sizes as most retailers, they offer free alterations so you can customize it to your body. Taking it a step further, ASPECD even asks you where your favorite/best-fitting shirts are from and  recommends sizing based on those retailers. The system is genius! Throw in free shipping and free returns and you’ve got yourself your new favorite online retailer. Here is my black and white Japanese gingham shirt, size small, extra slim and made just for me. I am in love.

And right now you can get $20 towards your first purchase at ASPECD. Click here or go to to redeem.

Aspecd Gingham Shirt 3Aspecd Gingham Shirt 2Aspecd Gingham Shirt 4 Aspecd Gingham Shirt 5 Aspecd Gingham Shirt 6Aspecd Gingham Shirt 1 Aspecd Gingham Shirt 7 Aspecd Gingham Shirt 8 Aspecd Gingham Shirt 9

THE LOOK:  Shirt (c/o ASPECD) / Jeans (Levis) / Sweater (J.Crew, similar) / Boots (Cole Haan)

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Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway with Lookmazing

November 30, 2014

Forever21 Topcoat 1Forever21 Topcoat 5Forever21 Topcoat 2 Forever21 Topcoat 4Forever21 Topcoat 6 Forever21 Topcoat 3

THE LOOK: Topcoat (Forever21) / Cotton Henley (J.Crew) / Distressed Denim (old, J.Crew) / Camo Socks (Forever21) / Patent Penny Loafers (Sperry)

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner. And while out in California our November was a warm one, December has begun to make itself known and seems to be bringing some cooler weather with it. Good thing too because this new coat isn’t going to wear itself. Topcoats are a must this year and this one from Forever21 is the right style at the right price–only $70! Right on trend being a little oversized and double-breasted which gives it a bit more interest. This is my first topcoat and I am already loving how versatile it is. Here I’ve worn it open which I think gives it an effortlessly cool look, but I’m excited to wear it buttoned up and go for a more dapper look soon (stay tuned). All that to say that I am in love with this coat. And now you have a chance to win it yourself! Enter my Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway in partnership with LookMazing below!

To Enter The Giveaway:

1. Sign up for LookMazing and ‘Admire’ me:
2. Add one of my holiday gift guide picks to your LookMazing wishlist:

3. Leave a comment below the product on LookMazing to let me know why you want it!

LookMazing will randomly select a winner on December 7, 2014 at noon PST. Good luck!
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