Adding Layers To Feed The Need For Tweed

July 29, 2015
Summer Layering Colorado 7

Here’s where I stand on the seasons… I love summer because it’s sunny and the skies are usually clear allowing for tons of time spent outside which is awesome. However, my favorite seasons to dress for are always the cooler ones that allow for layers, and my favorite pieces, shawl-collar cardigans. But, as shawl-collar cardigans have grown in popularity over the past several years their inclusion in the warm weather wardrobes has also grown. Unlike their winter cousins spun and sewn from merino, alpaca, and cashmere, lighter weight, cooler options made from cotton or cotton/wool blends have allowed for these great pieces to serve as sunny day and summer night layers. Now this isn’t a revolutionary idea, obviously, but if it’s about that time in the summer where everyone just wants the weather to cool down and we can satisfy our need for tweed and herringbone. So if you want to take a step in the direction of fall, even if the weather is going to be uncooperative for the next couple months, try layering your looks with lightweight layers like a cotton cardigan. Or try a denim jacket to satisfy your desire for throwing on your favorite coat. Don’t worry, fall will be here soon enough and you’ll be longing for the days when your calves saw the light of day. Until then, layer away my friends. Summer Layering Colorado 4Summer Layering Colorado 8Summer Layering Colorado 5Summer Layering Colorado 7Summer Layering Colorado 3Summer Layering Colorado 1Summer Layering Colorado 2


Sweater: Gap (similar) // Shorts: J.Crew // Sweatshirt: Jack Threads (similar) // Shoes: Nike

Be Bold & Plunge Into Prints

July 23, 2015
Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 4

So many men are afraid to plunge into the print pool and to be quite honest, I really don’t understand it. The explosion of prints, whether as simple as stripes and pin dots or bold as florals and camouflage have expanded the style spectrum from which men get dressed. This means that your chances of looking stylish just went up because you have even more of a selection to choose from. Right? Regardless…

A particular print that is perfect to try during the summer is Hawaiian print. I’m not talking the baggy shirts and dull hibiscus prints of yesteryear, no, I’m talking bold, colorful prints like the one I’m wearing here. I think so many men are afraid of bold prints like this because they think it’s too loud or too flashy, and to a certain extent I understand not wanting your shirt to be the star of the show. But a print as large as this is easily subdued by adding shorts/pants that match the base color of the shirt. In coordinating the navy shorts with the navy-based shirt, the print becomes much quieter than if you were to pair it with white denim or even khaki shorts.

So the next time you pick up a new shirt, don’t just reach for that same old blue stripe or the usual navy gingham. Be brave and go a little bolder.  Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 1 Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 2Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 8Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 4 Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 5 Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 6Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 3 Hawaiian Print Navy Shorts 7


Shorts: J.Crew / Shirt: Forever21 (similar) / Shoes: Banana Republic / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Watch: Jack Spade

Birds of a Feather

July 21, 2015
Flagstaff baseball tee 2

Sometimes the best way to get somewhere is to just pack up your car and go. My wife and I took a road trip to Colorado and spent a night in Flagstaff, Arizona after exploring the Grand Canyon. It’s fun to take the time to explore a new city and see what interesting things it has to offer. When we planned to spend a night in Flagstaff along our trip we didn’t have any real expectations, we were just going to stop and get some dinner and then head out bright and early the next day. However, we had a fun night exploring the city and enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant. Sometimes it pays to take a longer route and experience the road along the way.

Comfort is always important when traveling, especially when driving for long periods. I opted for some basic khaki shorts and this ultra comfortable baseball-inspired jersey tee. The neutral color palette was perfect for photographing this beautifully bright bird mural so there’s that. And in keeping with the comfort theme, my feet were definitely happy about driving in my new favorite boat shoes which was great because as soon as we made it to Colorado (Durango to be exact) we head out to explore and enjoy. Just thinking about it now makes me sad because 1) I’m officially not on vacation anymore and; 2) My comfort level is way lower than it was in this outfit and; 3) I’m wishing I was still leaning against this brightly colored bird painting. Oh well… :)

Flagstaff baseball tee 1 Flagstaff baseball tee 2 Flagstaff baseball tee 3 Flagstaff baseball tee 4 Flagstaff baseball tee 5SHOP THE LOOK

Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Shorts: H&M / Shoes: c/o Rockport / Watch: Timex / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Sightseeing In Style

July 14, 2015
Grand Canyon Graphic Tee 4

On our roadtrip to Colorado from Southern California my wife and I made a pit stop at the Grand Canyon. I had never been before and I have to say that if you are ever nearby, you’ve got to take the time to check it out. It’s funny how you sometimes forget how beautiful nature can be. I for one get so wrapped up in my life in my little bubble at home that I forget to get out and take the time to appreciate what’s around me. The Grand Canyon is absolutely awe-inspiring and was definitely worth the short detour from our original route. It’s crazy how expansive it is and it served as the perfect backdrop for some photos. The pictures make it look like a painted, false backdrop and that’s almost what it looked like in person. We only explored for about an hour or so and had to be back in the car which brings me to the actual outfit.

When I’m traveling, comfort is always king. I never want to feel constrained–I get uncomfortable enough sitting in a car seat for eight hours so I definitely don’t to wear a shirt that’s too tight. These pleated striped shorts along with my favorite go-to pair of sneakers were the perfect way to stay comfortable while driving in the car. And while I love this tropical print t-shirt, it’s got nothing on the amazing backdrop. Keep in mind wherever you’re traveling this summer that just because you might be doing some sightseeing doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of style and throw on a fanny pack (I feel like these are coming back in again though…). Be comfortable, especially when you’re spending hours on a plane or in a car, but always remember to keep it stylish.

Grand Canyon Graphic Tee 1Grand Canyon Graphic Tee 5 Grand Canyon Graphic Tee 2 Grand Canyon Graphic Tee 3 Grand Canyon Graphic Tee 4


Shirt: Goodale / Shorts: J.Crew / Shoes: Nike / Watch: Timex / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Backpack: J.Crew (similar)

Winston: The Best Watch To Travel With

July 7, 2015

I like to travel (who doesn’t). Getting to explore new cities, eat amazing food, drink all day (no, just me?), relaxing 100% of the time… Those aspects of traveling are clearly amazing, but my least favorite part about traveling is packing. I always have too much in my suitcase–I’m that person shuffling their suitcases around before their flight to get all my bags under the weight restriction. I just hate the feeling of being somewhere far from home and realizing that you don’t have that one shirt or that pair of shoes that you decided at the last-minute to take out of your suitcase (like an idiot). So I usually just load it all up and then I don’t end up wearing half of it and it’s a big exercise in futility. The one thing that I consistently forget about when packing is accessories. It’s hard to remember to pack 3 watches and 4 pairs of sunglasses when you’re in a rush to figure out what to wear that one night you might go to dinner on your vacation. Did I mention that I’m also a procrastinator and pack the night before I know, I’m like a cautionary tale of what not to do when traveling.

All of this to say that I’m beyond ecstatic about the new Winston watch. Not only is it gorgeous in a classically elegant way (the best kind), but it’s extremely versatile. The watch comes in three different options: silver case with a white face, rose gold case with a white face, and silver case with a black face. Each option comes with two straps so that you have the perfect watch to wear casually during the day (say when you’re running for the flight you’re about to miss because you were busy shuffling your excess clothing from one bag to another?), and a dressier strap option to take you into whatever more formal events you may have planned on your trip. No more throwing all your watches into that mesh zippered area of your suitcase as an afterthought too because they each come with a handy leather travel case that can also hold your passport and plane tickets (as well as the sharp Winston pen they include with it). It is the only watch you will ever need when traveling and for someone who severely struggles with the idea of packing for a trip, it’s nice to know that at least one decision will already have been made for me. Check out their Kickstarter project and secure your discounted watch package now.


Back the Winston watch project on Kickstarter and secure your discounted watch package now.

Beat the Boredom of Business Casual

July 6, 2015
Business Casual Anchor Tie 5

I’m a casual guy. I don’t run around in suits every day and describing my personal style as dapper wouldn’t be entirely accurate. Don’t get me wrong, I like dapper looks and there is a part of me that secretly wishes I had a suiting collection vast and interesting enough to be on display in a museum. But, unfortunately, that just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. I don’t have the need to dress like that every day and truth be known, I do enjoy getting creative with more casual pieces and looks. That is not to say that I don’t like to wear ties and rock a more polished look every so often. That is also not to say that going a more casual route has to be boring by any means. I think business casual allows for tons of opportunity to get creative and have some fun.

A look like this one is how I like to spend my workdays. I like starting with a nice foundation of either a pair of dark denim, a dress chino, or a fun suiting pant. I have a huge collection of fun, casual button ups so I wear one of those every day. This nice balanced base provides the perfect opportunity to add some more elevated elements. Add a cool tie like this awesome anchor one and maybe even a fun tie clip. Mix it up with your shoe choice and don’t forget the ever popular opportunity to add some style pizzazz with a sock statement (you can’t see mine here but they are teal and navy). This outfit is simple and so effortless, not to mention comfortable, but definitely has style. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day at the office this way? Just remember to try to inject your own personal style into it and have some fun. As far as I’m concerned, business casual beats wearing a suit any day of the week. :)

Got your favorite business casual combination? Tell me about it below in the comments! Business Casual Anchor Tie 3Business Casual Anchor Tie 1Business Casual Anchor Tie 6Business Casual Anchor Tie 4Business Casual Anchor Tie 2


Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow // Shirt: J.Crew // Tie: c/o Harrison Blake // Shoes: c/o Rockport // Belt: J.Crew // Watch: Jack Spade

The Most Stylish, Straightforward Jeans You Will Ever Own

June 30, 2015
Mott and Bow Denim 7

A good pair of dark denim is a must have for any stylish man’s closet. However, if you’re like me, one pair isn’t enough. I’ve got dark, a slightly lighter dark, an even lighter dark pair, a light wash, a garment dyed blue, black, tan, grey… the list goes on (I mean I’ve got about forty pairs of jeans, it’s a sickness). And while my collection is already quite robust, I’m always on the lookout for a new pair of great fitting jeans. This pair from Mott & Bow is absolutely amazing. Let me break it down for you:


They are super lightweight making them the perfect pair of jeans for year-round wear. I run warm, so I hate sliding into super thick, heavy jeans when it’s ninety degrees outside in the summer, so this pair is awesome.


Their denim comes in three different fits (straight, slim, and skinny) so there is a pair for any and all body types and personal preferences. Always a fan of a skinnier leg, I opted for the skinny fit and couldn’t be happier.


Each fit comes in a variety of different washes and colors so once you nail down your fit and size you can stock up and curate a truly perfect denim collection.


Perhaps the most intriguing thing about these Mott & Bow jeans is the shopping experience itself. When you place your order you have the option to order a second waist size for free. They ship you both pairs and you keep the one that fits the best. Simple send back the other pair with the pre-paid shipping label and you’ve got yourself the easiest jean-buying experience.

Jeans are versatile and can literally be worn with everything from suit jacket and tie to a simple t-shirt. Since it’s felt like a million degrees lately, I opted for a t-shirt and boots and added a hat for something a little different. I can tell already that these jeans are going to be worn on repeat all summer and beyond. I’ve got my eyes on these, and these, and these… and all of them. Mott and Bow Denim 1 Mott and Bow Denim 2Mott and Bow Denim 5 Mott and Bow Denim 3 Mott and Bow Denim 4Mott and Bow Denim 6 Mott and Bow Denim 7 Mott and Bow Denim 8


Jeans: c/o Mott and Bow // T-shirt: J.Crew // Hat: Target // Boots: c/o CAT Footwear // Sunglasses: Spitfire Sunglasses // Watch: Jack Spade

The Only Undershirt You Will Ever Need

June 25, 2015

I am nothing if not a man of routine. I have specific ways of doing thing and the order they should be done in and (as my wife would gladly tell you) if things fall out of line I will literally fall apart. There have been a few days that I have forgotten to put on a watch before leaving the house and those are days that I know I will never get back. Understanding the importance of routine is very important to what I am about to talk about. Part of my daily routine when getting dressed for work is layering an undershirt under my button ups (like most men). The first day I tested out my new UnderFit undershirts I was struck on three different occasions with the sudden sensation that I was not wearing an undershirt. Each time I was in utter panic. In this panic I questioned my sanity for forgetting such a simple, essential part of getting dressed. And then it took me about half a minute to remember that I was in fact wearing an undershirt and that I have not lost my mind; I’m just wearing an insanely soft, lightweight undershirt. And while panic-inducing, its softness and barely there weight make it an amazing layer that you should be wearing everyday. My wife picked it up and immediately wanted to steal it to sleep in. That’s how soft it is.

I wore under a recent look (photo below), not that you’d know because it stayed right where it was supposed to, underneath my shirt. It’s longer than your run-of-the-mill undershirt so it stays tucked in, and, in the case of the v-neck, the v is long enough to remain hidden even if you unbutton a button or two on your shirt. I’m telling you, you have got to check out this undershirt. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $25 and that you save when you buy in bulk? Just go check it out. You can thank me later (in the comments below, haha).

Shop UnderFit undershirts // Support the UnderFit Kickstarter campaign.

Rockport Boat Shoes 9


Hitting All The Style Check Boxes

June 23, 2015
Rockport Boat Shoes 4

Summer is officially here and the heat is here with it. My wife and I spent the day running around town and eventually touched down at SOCO, a hip local food and shopping district. We ate way too much cheese (no such thing, right?) at our favorite little cheese shop and had some amazing iced coffee. The iced coffee was much-needed I might add since it was 90 degrees already. I think I’m confused about the fact that it’s already summer. I spend most of my day in an air-conditioned office so to me it shouldn’t already be this hot but time has flown by and summer is here now. I’ll figure it out sooner or later. Regardless, a must-have summer staple has definitely got to be a pair of boat shoes. I spent the day in these grey leather ones from Rockport and they worked out perfectly because they are insanely comfortable (like all Rockport shoes). They’ve got a super cushy heel made by Adidas, memory foam insoles, and a moisture absorbing lining that is odor resistant so you can wear them without socks. Basically they’re the only boat shoe you’ll ever need and they’re made of leather so they’ll basically last forever if you take care of them.

Now I love the preppy, clean-cut look that’s normally associated with boat shoes (hold on while I finish folding my tennis sweater), but I thought for look that was more my style I’d pair it with this awesome Chip Foster tribal print shirt. I love mixing unexpected pieces together and this surf-inspired print shirt mixed with these cool, classic boat shoes hits all the right notes. Rockport Boat Shoes 1 Rockport Boat Shoes 2 Rockport Boat Shoes 3 Rockport Boat Shoes 4 Rockport Boat Shoes 5 Rockport Boat Shoes 6 Rockport Boat Shoes 7Rockport Boat Shoes 9


Shirt: c/o Chip Foster // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: c/o Rockport // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The Luxe Lovechild of Comfort & Style + A Giveaway

June 18, 2015
Rockport Dress Shoes 1

Sounding like a broken record is usually a risk I hate to take but when it comes to the importance of comfort in the world of style I feel like the risk is worth it. To me, and I think most guys would agree, if fashion isn’t comfortable it just doesn’t get worn. Who wants to walk around with a too-itchy sweater or pants whose waistband cut off circulation to your lower half. This outfit is exactly what I’m talking about. Comfortable, worn-in denim, a slouchy cotton sweater, and these new Rockport cap toes that are like walking on clouds.

The shoes are from Rockport’s new DresSports Luxe collection and embody what I’m talking about. This cap toe oxford is the amazing lovechild of comfort and style born for your wearing pleasure.  They include elements designed to ensure your feet are comfortable all day long like the cushioned insole created by adidas and the sweat-wicking lining to keep your foot dry and odor free. But they also have this classic cap toe body made of hand burnished leather which I’m pretty sure is only going to get more amazing with time. Get your own pair only available on Zappos… or you could win your own pair! Check out how to enter the giveaway below.

Want to get your own pair of shoes from Rockport’s DresSports Luxe collection? Make sure you follow me on Instagram. Then comment below with your instagram account name and how you’d style them for yourself. Simple as that!
Winner will be chosen at random! Rockport Dress Shoes 8Rockport Dress Shoes 4 Rockport Dress Shoes 5 Rockport Dress Shoes 6Rockport Dress Shoes 1 Rockport Dress Shoes 7Rockport Dress Shoes 3Rockport Dress Shoes 9Rockport Dress Shoes 2
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