Black Jeans, Bomber Jackets + Blonde Tips

January 28, 2016
Black Jeans Check Bomber 9

Bomber jackets are near and dear to my heart and I literally didn’t even know until this season. I’ve slowly been collecting them over the past couple of years and lo and behold I now have a whole section of my very packed closet dedicated to the little suckers. And at the risk of my shawl-collar cardigan collection hearing and getting their feelings hurt, I love my bomber jackets so much because they are always the perfect layer. The weather’s been all wacky out here; one day in the seventies, one day in the sixties, nights in the fifties. So it’s easy on any given day to just layer up with a bomber jacket and be on my way. I know I shouldn’t complain about the weather… I just wish the weather would make up its mind and stick with something.

Something I’m definitely stuck on are these black jeans from Mott & Bow. I will never have enough positivity for their jeans–they are so soft and lightweight and come in every wash and color you’d ever want. I wear them all day every day it seems like and they are as close as it gets to walking around in sweatpants.  

As an aside… in case anyone was curious, I do not highlight my hair. My friends and family always ask me about it and I’m here to say that my hair naturally does this. I thought it was worth saying since these photos make it look super light. Haha. 

Black Jeans Check Bomber 7Black Jeans Check Bomber 3 Black Jeans Check Bomber 2Black Jeans Check Bomber 4Black Jeans Check Bomber 8 Black Jeans Check Bomber 5 Black Jeans Check Bomber 6 Black Jeans Check Bomber 9


Jacket: Zara // Jeans: c/o Mott and Bow // Shirt: J.Crew (similar) // Boots: Red Wing // Watch: c/o JORD // Bracelet: Giles & Brother // Sunglasses: Spitfire

A Wood Watch Is A Definite Must Have

January 20, 2016
JORD wood watch 4

Sometimes I feel like I wake up each day and start from scratch on my personal style. One day I’ll be wearing a thick flannel and chunky wool sweater. The next I’ll be wearing joggers, a sweatshirt and vintage-inspired sneakers. It doesn’t always seem to go together but that’s what I like about it. Now, let’s be clear. I’m not rocking the latest and greatest or searching for the newest trend. That being said I do believe that each day you can decide how you want to look and it doesn’t always have to be the same. One day you can be polished and refined and the next you can be casual and purposefully laidback. It can all work—that’s how you develop a personal style. And, for me, it’s how I avoid getting bored. And that’s why I’m loving my new JORD wood watch. No matter what I’m wearing I’m finding I can always throw it on. It mixes well with all styles. Initially I was thinking, since it’s made of wood, it would be great for looks when I want to add in some rustic flavor, but I’m finding I particularly love it when I wear it with polished and pulled-together looks. It literally goes with everything. Plus, every time I wear it I get someone grabbing my wrist (which can actually be quite terrifying) or asking about it. It’s a true art piece and I can’t wear it enough. It’s super lightweight since it’s made of zebrawood and maple which makes it the most comfortable watch I’ve worn in quite some time. 

Now you can get $20 off a JORD wood watch by clicking here (you’ll get a discount code emailed to you). The only catch? Only the first 100 people get to use the code so get moving! Let me know which one you chose in the comments below!

New year, new #watch from @woodwatches_com! #⌚

New year, new #watch from @woodwatches_com! #⌚

JORD wood watch 5 JORD wood watch 3 JORD wood watch 2JORD wood watch 4 JORD wood watch 1


Watch: c/o JORD / Pants: Uniqlo / Shirt: Old Navy (similar) / Sweater: J.Crew / Boots: Cole Haan (similar) / Bracelet: Giles & Brother

Prepped + Ready for A Cold Winter

January 18, 2016
Wool Sweater Denim Shirt 2

I have to say, so far this winter has been pretty nice for us living in southern California. Normally our winters are spotted with days of eighties (or even nineties) which sounds great in theory but then you never get to wear a sweater or make use of coats and layering becomes something written about by those that have never truly experienced living through “winter” in southern California. And for those that enjoy style and getting dressed, when we do get those cooler days it becomes a struggle of deciding how best to spend that one cool day. Don’t save that sweater, scarf and coat for a different day—don them all at once! 

However, this year has been unseasonably cool (like down in the sixties guys) which means bring on the layers! Instead of spending days at the office in layers that can be peeled off as the sun gets more intense throughout the day I can actually layer up and not worry about overheating and passing out onto my keyboard. It’s not something we’re used to out here on the west but I’m all for it. Bring on the cold weather and give us all you’ve got. I’ve been stocking up on sweaters and scarves my whole life in preparation so I’m ready. 

How are you enjoying your winter? Favorite item you’ve been wearing this winter? Let me know in the comments below!

Wool Sweater Denim Shirt 6 Wool Sweater Denim Shirt 3 Wool Sweater Denim Shirt 2 Wool Sweater Denim Shirt 6 Wool Sweater Denim Shirt 2


Sweater: J.Crew / Pants: Old Navy / Shirt: old / Boots: Cole Haan (similar) / Watch: c/o JORD / Bracelet: Giles & Brother / Sunglasses: Ray Ban

A Sweater and Some Pocket Candies… Let me explain

January 6, 2016
Mott and Bow Black Denim 3

Among friends and family I tend to get labeled an “old man,” and you won’t find me complaining. I have no problem with the label. I love nights in, comfortable clothes, a good book… I mean what’s not to love? The reason I bring this up is that I recently put this sweater on and, like any old man, put my hand in one of the pockets of my sweater only to find an old mint from a restaurant in there. Now I’m not going to get into whether I ate it or not (I did for you all you inquiring minds), but it was the quintessential “old man” moment. Aren’t those the steps to being a true old man? Step one, ensure you are layering over a soft flannel shirt, preferably one with suede elbow patches (note to the reader: the shirt pictured does in fact have suede elbow patches). Step two, put on chunky sweater, preferably a cardigan with a shawl collar because duh you are an old man. Step three, reach hand into pocket of said sweater and hear the crinkle of a candy wrapper. Step four, remove candy and proceed to unwrap and enjoy awful restaurant candy. Bonus points if it’s not actually candy but in fact a cough drop (that’s happened to me too before). I’ve officially gone to a new level. And I am not afraid.

In all seriousness, pulling style tips from the elderly is something I often do. Whether it’s wearing over-sized, cable-knit sweaters or rocking a suspender every so often, there are things to incorporate into your everyday looks. One thing I didn’t pull from the old are the new Mott & Bow black denim I’m sporting. I’ve been a die-hard Mott & Bow fan for a while now and these black babies are so nice. They’re soft, they’re comfortable, they’re a worn-in black so I don’t have to fear wearing them in a bit and freaking out they aren’t the same color. They just make sense and I’m so happy they’ve entered my life. A worthwhile investment for any style freak. Maybe that’s another thing I picked up from my elders, the value of a dollar? Let’s not get into that. The candy in the pocket was enough for one post. The lesson is that style inspiration can be found all around you so keep your head up and eyes open. And if all else fails, take a handful of restaurant candies and hide them in all your sweaters as a nice little surprise down the road.

Sweater and Mott and Bow Black Denim 6Sweater and Mott and Bow Black Denim 1 Sweater and Mott and Bow Black Denim 2 Sweater and Mott and Bow Black Denim 4 Sweater and Mott and Bow Black Denim 5Sweater and Mott and Bow Black Denim 3


Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow // Shirt: J.Crew // Sweater: J.Crew (similar) // Shoes: Cole Haan (similar) // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Bracelet: Giles & Brother

Cocktails, FOOD&DRINK

My Favorite Cocktails of 2015

December 31, 2015
Hendricks Negroni 2

Looking for a last-minute cocktail to help ring in the new year with? Here are some of my favorite recipes from 2015. The best part about these guys is that they are all simple–I don’t have the patience to make complicated cocktails. I mean what’s the point in prolonging the drinking part? One of my resolutions is going to be that I post more recipes here on Brick&Vine. There are already millions out there but I swear to you that anything and everything I ever make, food or cocktail, is so simple. That’s what we need more of right? More ways to simplify our life while still elevating it. Anyways, enjoy my favorite cocktail recipes from 2015 and look forward to even more coming at ya in 2016!

Full disclosure: I’m a gin lover so the majority of these are gin-based. Enjoy!

Sage + Grapefruit Cocktail

At only 3 ingredients (not counting sugar since you can steal that from any coffee shop–not that I’m promoting stealing), this cocktail is sure to impress. Plus, it’s full of flavor with the citrusy grapefruit notes and the floral addition of the sage.

Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 6

A Scotch Lemonade 

It’s got hints of citrus and easy to double, triple, quadruple based upon the size of your crowd.

Cutty Sark Summer Punch 1

The Negroni: An Old Fashioned For Gin Lovers

Gin is my go to liquor. It’s my whiskey. So the Negroni is my Old Fashioned. Try it out, I promise you’ll love it.

Hendricks Negroni 1

Twisted Gin + Tonic Cocktail

I love a good gin and tonic so the addition of Aperol only makes it that much better.

Aperol Gin Citrus 6

Black + Athleisure

December 29, 2015
Cotton Hood Black Hat 4

There’s just something about black. I’ve written before about how my appreciation of black is relatively recent so I won’t go into it again, but there’s a reason that black is considered a classic. It always looks nice—you’ll never look underdressed and you’ll always look cool. I love its effortless quality and how it can take a simple, yet incredibly comfortable, crewneck sweatshirt and elevate it. Not that convincing anyone that a sweatshirt is fashionable and on trend requires much work nowadays since I recently read that if 2015 fashion had to be summarized into one word it would be athleisure. So sweatshirts have really made quite the comeback. And 2016 is the year to make sure you’re mixing athleisure pieces, like sweatshirts, into your rotation. Don’t be intimidated by the trend. Take a piece like a sweatshirt and use it to replace a traditional sweater or button down. Rock a pair of sweatpants (slim still please) with a cardigan. Wear sneakers with chinos or joggers. It’s simple and you’ll reap the rewards of not only looking great but feeling great too. 

Cotton Hood Black Hat 2 Cotton Hood Black Hat 3 Cotton Hood Black Hat 4 Cotton Hood Black Hat 5 Cotton Hood Black Hat


Sweatshirt: c/o Cotton Hood // Jeans: J.Crew // Boots: Cole Haan // Hat: Target // Watch: Skagen // Bracelet: Giles & Brother

The Year of the Bomber Jacket

December 18, 2015
Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 3

I feel like when I’m putting together an outfit I go one of two ways. I either go monochromatic and play with tones and shades of colors. Or I go bold and pair colors and patterns that seem like they wouldn’t work together (and sometimes they don’t :( ). This one’s kind of a combination of the two categories. On one hand this super bright corduroy shirt is almost blinding under the dark contrasting jacket. But on the other hand, it’s just one bright color combined with essentially all navy (jacket and pants). It’s a toss-up. So maybe this conversation of compartmentalized my looks into two basic categories was all for naught. But regardless, this is about the bomber jacket.

This look is perfect for this time of year (especially when so much of the country is experiencing such mild weather) and it’s super easy to recreate. For me, last year was the year of the chunky shawl-collar cardigan. And, to my huge collection of cardigans, if you are reading this, I still love you very much. But, this year is definitely the year of the bomber jacket. I need to pick up a few more of them but for now I’ve got a few that can easily be worked into most looks. Treat them like you would a cardigan or sweater and you’ll be good to go. 

Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 1 Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 2 Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 3 Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 4 Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 5 Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 6 Cord Shirt Bomber Jacket 7


Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar) // Pants: Uniqlo // Boots: c/o Cat Footwear // Jacket: old (similar) // Watch: Skagen // Bracelet: Giles & Brother 


Giveaway: A Holiday Gift Set

December 9, 2015
Stonewall Kitchen Waffles 3

It’s crunch time as far as gift giving is concerned. Holidays parties have begun popping up and stores are reminding you that you’ve only got a few weeks left to order that special something for that special someone (or that neighbor you feel obligated to buy for). Whatever the situation and whoever the recipient nothing beats a gift basket; it’s not just a gift but an entire experience in one convenient package.  And don’t give just any gift basket, go with Stonewall Kitchen. They’re known for their quality foods, including some amazing jams, so you know that you’re giving great products with a really great reputation. 

Melissa and I love making breakfast (it ends up being more like brunch because I like to sleep in) so we loved whipping up some pancakes (you can use it for waffles too) with Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup (and some added blueberry jam because it’s seriously amazing and you can put it on anything). The result was delicious, and the best part is that we have enough to make like ten more breakfasts! We’re hosting some family closer to the holidays and you better believe we’ll be whipping up these again. Super easy to make but seems like you really spent a lot of time putting it together. 

And you can win a Holiday Blueberry Breakfast set too! Just head to my Instagram for details! Or follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@brickandvine)
  2. Tag 2 friends in the comments on the Instagram giveaway posts
  3. For an extra entry tag 2 more friends in a separate comment on the Instagram post

Shop all of Stonewall Kitchen’s Holiday Gift Sets here.

Stonewall Kitchen Waffles 1 Stonewall Kitchen Waffles 2 Stonewall Kitchen Waffles 3 Stonewall Kitchen Waffles 4 Stonewall Kitchen Waffles 5

Down With A Puffer

December 8, 2015
RockMySocks 3

I am not a morning person. Never have been and as much as I’d like to say I’ll try, I never will be. Those moments when I first wake up and I’m laying bed are the best. You’re so relaxed, the stresses of the day haven’t hit yet, and your bed is just so damn comfortable that you never want to leave. I don’t know if it’s the pillows or the comforter or the combination of the two but all I can think of when I’m wearing a puffer vest is how this is the closest to that feeling I can get without actually being in bed. And that makes me smile. 

Puffer vests are the perfect outer layer when there’s no telling how the day’s going to turn out (weather wise that is). Your core stays warm while your extremities are allowed to stay cooler and unhampered by a bulky coat. Perfect for here in SoCal where the weather fluctuates by the minute. 

I love putting together monochromatic type looks—it always looks like you really know what you’re doing (even if you are only wearing a long sleeve tee). I thought I’d add a POW of another color with these bright Rock My Socks socks. Mission accomplished. 

RockMySocks 7 RockMySocks 1 RockMySocks 2 RockMySocks 3 RockMySocks 4 RockMySocks 5 RockMySocks 6


Socks: c/o Rock My Socks // Jeans: J.Crew // Tee: J.Crew // Vest: Old Navy (similar) // Boots: Cole Haan (similar) // Sunglasses: Tmbrs

Varsity Points

December 3, 2015
Cotton Hood Varsity 3

Those moments when a piece of clothing combines my two favorite things (comfort and style) are moments I sometimes just have to sit back and savor. This varsity jacket is one of those items. It’s made from jersey so it’s essentially a big ol’ comfy sweatshirt. But it’s not just a sweatshirt–it’s earned some serious style points with it’s varsity-inspired style and its oxblood accents. And no joke, it is so comfortable. Do you remember when you get a new hoodie back in junior high and the inside was so soft and fuzzy? That’s what this is like. The nice thing about the classic styling and color combination is that it will work well into most wardrobes. The maroon accents are subtle enough to be paired with most colors, even though I opted for a simplistic black and white (and shades of gray) combo for this outfit. If you are looking for a great gift for any guy in your life, definitely consider this jacket. I highly recommend it! Cotton Hood Varsity 4Cotton Hood Varsity 6Cotton Hood Varsity 1 Cotton Hood Varsity 2 Cotton Hood Varsity 3 Cotton Hood Varsity 5


Jacket: c/o Cotton Hood // Jeans: J.Crew // Tee: J.Crew // Boots: Cole Haan (similar) // Watch: Skagen // Bracelet: Giles & Brother // Sunglasses: RayBan

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